Fed Up Of Creases? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Applying Concealers

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Jun 11, 2019
Fed Up Of Creases? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Applying Concealers


Compared to a foundation, a concealer’s texture is thicker and more pigmented. Its main purpose is to cover large pores, age spots, wrinkles and dark circles. The best part about concealer is that it can be worn with or without foundation. But ladies, don’t just buy a concealer without doing your research. First, find out what your skin tone is and once you know that, then figure out what’s your skin concern. Do you have dark circles? Do you want to cover blemishes or wrinkles? Or something even more on the makeup front, do you want to know how to stop your concealer from creasing? Before we get there, let’s get you sorted with the basics first. Let’s begin, shall we?

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Types of Concealers



Stick concealers aren’t very high-maintenance products. They’re compact in size and can be carried around in your makeup pouch easily. Stick concealers are usually more pigmented and nourishing,  they’re perfect for women who have dry skin. Use them to brighten your undereye area and to conceal pimples and marks. You’ll be surprised to know that some concealers even come with anti-inflammatory properties. They will treat your blemishes and redness while concealing your zits! 

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Also Read About Types Of Concealers


Liquid concealers usually offer medium coverage. They’re used to even out skin tone, cover freckles and dark circles. Women with oily skin should use this concealer as it won’t feel sticky on the skin and won’t clog your pores. 

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Pen concealers have been around for quite some time, but they didn’t gain popularity until recent times. They give a semi-sheer coverage and add radiance to dull skin. The only bummer is that these aren’t pigmented enough to conceal dark circles. You will have to use a liquid, cream or stick concealer first and then layer it with a pen concealer to give it that natural, dewy finish. 

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If your skin is naturally dry, then a cream concealer is the best! These types of concealers are heavily pigmented and can cover up pimples, spots and dark circles like a pro! Such concealers usually come in tubes and bottles. You have to try it to believe it. 

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Looking for a concealer that gives your skin a semi-matte finish then go for a pencil concealer. They’re great for contouring and are used to conceal tiny spots and difficult places like the corners of your nose and under the eyes. 

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Types of Colour-Correcting Concealers


Remember we told you that before you buy a concealer its important to check your skin tone first? You can try a colour-correcting concealer to tackle your skin’s concerns. If you’re not sure how to use these colours then we suggest that you bookmark this article! 

Green Concealer

If you have inflamed, red skin, use a mint green concealer to cover it up. Also, if you have a big red pimple, this concealer will suit you well.  

Lavender Concealer

For dull skin, use a lavender concealer. Yes, it looks too bright to use. However, did you know that it helps bring colour back into your skin? It sure does!

Yellow Concealer

Does your skin have purplish blue bruises on it? Then, the yellow concealer would work the best for you!


For blue and purple under your eyes, go with either of the colour correctors mentioned above. 

How To Stop Concealer From Creasing


Step 1: Wash your face with a facewash and lukewarm water. Then, pat dry.

Step 2: Apply and spread the primer all over your face.

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Step 3: Apply foundation to your face using a liquid foundation. 

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Step 4: Use a beauty blender to blend the foundation in. 

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Step 5: Then, apply liquid or cream concealer to your undereye area. 

Step 6: Use a beauty blender in a dabbing motion to blend the product evenly. 

Step 7: To set the look, dip the beauty blender into a pot of translucent powder and gently dab the area. This step is important to prevent that annoying creasing.

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1. What causes deep creases under the eyes?

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the first to age compared to any other body part? Yes, that’s true! Do you know why that happens? Because you’re not applying SPF often. Frequent sun exposure causes collagen and elastin to break down in the skin, making you prone to creasing. What you should be doing along with applying sunscreen is moisturising the area with eye cream and getting a good amount of rest. Also, whenever your eyes feel tired, you should place cotton pads soaked with rose water or cucumber slices on your eyes to keep the area cool and relaxed. 

2. Can I use concealer for my whole face?

Yes, you can. On days where you don’t want to apply foundation, you can choose concealer. Drawing two large upsidedown triangles, use a beauty blender to blend the product not just under your eyes, but on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, a little bit on the forehead and chin as well.  

3. Can I put concealer on eyelids too?


It’s not just the sun to blame. Age has an important role to play when it comes to deep creases under the eyes. Muscle movement, smoking, smiling, surgery, dehydration, all have the tendency to cause creases. 

5. How to make concealer stay on all day?

You can make your concealer last all day by setting it with finishing powder. However, before you get to that step, you must take care of your under eye area first. Before applying concealer, use an eye cream. This will keep the area hydrated and moist. 

6. Which goes first – concealer or foundation?

Let’s settle this once and for all – apply foundation first and then put on concealer. We’ll tell you why – Your foundation conceals 90% of the imperfections. The rest of the 10 % of them can be tackled with the help of a concealer. 

7. What’s the difference between foundation and concealer?

Concealer is more pigmented than a foundation. While it’s the foundation’s job to even out your complexion, it’s the job of the concealer to hide dark circles, blemishes and spots. 

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