10 Easy Ways To Smell Fresh ‘Down There’ – ALWAYS!

Krithika KumarKrithika Kumar  |  Mar 2, 2017
10 Easy Ways To Smell Fresh ‘Down There’ – ALWAYS!


Here is one common thing every girl needs to know – a healthy vagina does not smell bad. Vaginas have a self-cleaning mechanism. While women at every age should take care of their private parts, not many of them are comfortable talking about it, even when they feel they should. So, being the best friends that we are to you, we thought it was time to step in. Here are 10 effective ways to smell good down there!

1. Don’t wipe it clean, just trim

1 smell good down there

According to the ongoing trend, women prefer to wax their pubic area completely clean. It is actually advisable to NOT do that. Hair down there helps avoid skin abrasions caused by friction and protects us from harmful bacteria and viruses, which, in turn, helps in keeping the vagina smelling fresh. Trim the hair down in case it really troubles you but refrain from swiping it absolutely clean.

2. Visit your gynae for regular check ups

We all visit our gynaecologists when we feel that we’re in trouble! Just like we visit our doctors for regular health check ups, we should also visit our gynae to keep any troubles at bay, in the first place. They will not only help you in case there is any trouble but will also guide you through regular feminine hygiene practices.

3. Fancy may not always be healthy

No matter how pretty other lingerie may seem, it might not always be the comfortable choice. Cotton underwear allows your skin to breathe, hence, keeping it healthy. Keep the lacy and satin ones for ‘special days’ and wear the cotton ones on regular days. This way you can give yourself the best of both worlds!

4. Don’t douche

4 smell good down there

Don’t douche your vagina unless your gynae advises you to. Douching can disturb the balance of naturally-existing healthy bacteria and can cause infections too. Clean your lady parts with lukewarm water daily to keep them fresh!

5. Make sure you clean well

Every woman should clean her lady parts well, after using the washroom, especially when she is using a public loo. And always remember to wipe from front to back. Make sure you carry wet wipes with yourself in case you don’t find tissues around. Better safe than sorry!

6. Change your pads and tampons regularly during your periods

We all hate that time of the month, don’t we? And no matter how much we hate it, we still have to suck it up and live with it. All that we can do is adopt hygienic methods to make sure we steer clear of any infections. Rinse your lady parts from time to time and change your sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours during your period, to be on the safe side.

7. Eat yoghurt

7 smell good down there

We all love yoghurt in different forms, right? Especially when it’s Greek or flavoured. Well, good news for all the sweet-tooths out there. Having yoghurt can actually help in maintaining the pH level of your vagina!

8. Go commando, like, seriously!

Now, we understand that it’s difficult to skip wearing underwear in the daytime but who really bothers if you have your panties on at night or not? Sleeping without your panties gives that extra ventilation that keeps your vagina healthy. Also, it’s twice as comfortable to sleep with your panties off. Trust us!

9. Safe sex, please?

Having a healthy sex life adds a lot to your vaginal health. It is very important to practice safe sex in order to keep your vagina smelling good. Also, sexually transmitted diseases are a major cause of a foul-smelling vagina. Pee before and after you have sex and always, always use a condom.

10. Hot water showers are the best

10 smell good down there

Not just because they relax you and calm you down but they’re also very good for your private parts. They help in reducing odour and also make you feel very, very comfortable. We know you’re always in a hurry but you should take out a little time for yourself and do yourself this tiny little favour!

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