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Overwhelmed By The Pandemic? 8 Tips To Help You Sleep Well & De-Stress

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Apr 21, 2021
How To Sleep Better And Reduce Anxiety During Pandemic


Navigating our way through what can only be described as a strange kind of pause, we are desperately longing for the past. Being confined to our homes with little or no social interaction has been taking a toll on our mental health with anxiety levels off the charts. Our social media has turned into an update and hospital bed sourcing platform with phrases like “state of emergency” being tossed around – it’s hard not to feel depressed, anxious – or to descend into panic mode.

But we are right there with you every step of the way. A lockdown that already feels like a zillion-day-long one and the rising number of cases can cause a lot of conflicting feelings. It’s completely okay to have those feelings as we’re still dealing with a lot of unknowns out there. Luckily there are things we can do to sleep better and keep our anxiety level in check. If you’re in the anxious camp, keep scrolling for quick fixes for the next time you feel stressed.


9 Rituals You Can Try Now To Instantly De-Stress And Reduce Your Anxiety Level

You just need 60 seconds to turn your day around!

Scented Candles And Meditation


We don’t know about you but just the sight of a candle makes us feel instantly calmer. Scented candles are scientifically proven to instantly uplift our mood and energy and soothe us. And these candles coupled with meditation can work like magic. You can download an app like Headspace for guided meditation, they have different mediation exercises to cater to all kinds of emotional needs.


Essential Oil Blends


Besides making your room smell like a refreshing spa, an oil diffuser can really reduce stress levels and help us sleep our way to glowing skin. From energy-boosting to deep sleep and relaxation needs – You can harmonize different essences in the diffuser and create a signature blend targeting the issue you want to address. 

For A Relaxing Blend-

What You’ll Need: 7 Drops of Jasmine, 12 drops of Sandalwood, 4 drops of Peppermint

For A Deep Sleep Blend-

What You’ll Need: 5 Drops of Basil, 7 drops of Lavender, 12 drops of Cedarwood

Method: Add these oils to a diffuser and create your own blend. Always opt for pure essential oils and don’t look for a bargain. A pure essential oil will be expensive but will do the trick way better than cheaper alternatives.


Indulge In Jade Rolling


Yes, giving yourself a facial massage while doing your CTM might help in combating stress and anxiety. There are numerous nerves in the skin and body and touch is highly important to trick the mind. You can easily inject some serious relaxation into your everyday cleansing routine by switching your regular cleanse with a nourishing cleansing balm that not only makes the task easier but also smells divine. You can also try massaging a face oil with Jade rollers – this will make it even better.

Try A Stress Relieving Calm Balm


There are plenty of helpful products in the beauty universe to rely on for escapism when the world starts to feel overwhelming. When you need an instant escape, try massaging a balm or oil onto your wrists or temples – a soothing blend of essential oils is best for on-to-go and quick-relief stress fix for when you feel depleted while working from home.


Slap On A Sheet Mask


Calming face masks have a way of encouraging both you and your skin to unwind. TBH, the best part of slapping on a sheet mask is not just the mask itself. Rather, it’s the fact that you’ve time to settle in, grab a mask-safe-snack and give in to the ritual’s soothing process. 


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Eye Masks


Navigating social media and even watching the news can give your eyes and your emotional well-being a bit of battering. Thankfully, we have eye masks and there’s absolutely nothing quite like them. From cooling and soothing tired eyes to blocking out light and helping you sleep better, eye masks are our top picks for better sleep. Look for a fuss-free cooling eye mask that you can toss into the freezer but for a mask to help you sleep better, we recommend a fabric like silk or satin to minimize skin irritation.

Pamper Yourself With Body Treatment Oil


No time to indulge in a rigorous routine? Smother yourself in body oil. Nourishing and luxurious, soak and smell your stress away with this delicious smelling oil that is a treat for your skin and mind. Best applied in massaging strokes by someone else, if you can find a volunteer.


Try A Balancing Body Mist


For days when you feel a bit all over the place, spray a cloud of this amazing mist and let it work its magic. Inspired by the ancient healing art of India, a single spritz of this magical body mist can cut through nervous tension, bringing you right back down to earth.


Give Chamomile Tea A Try


Having a relaxing bedtime ritual is an important part of getting better sleep. Chamomile tea is widely known to help people relax and fall asleep. Not only does it act as a hero ingredient in reducing anxiety but also helps in keeping acne at bay and treating insomnia. Have a warm, soothing cup of caffeine-free tea to unwind stress.


Already feeling happy as a clam, right?

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