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No Pore-blems: Awesome Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

No Pore-blems: Awesome Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

I miss my salon appointments. I miss getting my nails done and I most definitely actually miss my parlour didi who used to shower me with compliments such as, “Bhot blackheads hogaye hai, facial karwa lijiye, bhot hard baal hai aapke razor mara hai aapne?, aapne last hair spa kab karwaya that, kitne kamzoor baal lag rahe hain aapke!.”

Ah, the good times!

As much as I would love to head out right now for my monthly face cleaning, I know I can’t! I honestly do not mind as I’m saving them big bucks. But those blackheads need to leave my face for good! And I know just the tools!

Bid Adieu To Blackheads

It’s been (wait, how many months has it been?) a long time of quarantine and the bacteria in our skin is definitely having a gala time. If you too have been seeing blackheads all over your face, time to extract them all with these miracle tools:

Blackheads? No Pore-blem!

A pore strip is a perfect start if your nose looks like a dalmatian.

If you do not have one currently, here how you can DIY it:

Suction It Out

For those blackheads that stubborn, you need to extract them for good! And we know just the tool for you.

#ProTip: Avoid using this if you have really sensitive skin. Do not use this near your eyes or any other sensitive area. Make sure it’s not very close to your skin otherwise you might end up bruising yourself.

Bring Out The Big Guns 

Just like your favourite pair of denims, blackheads too, come in different sizes. And you need a different set of tools to do the same. After you’ve steamed your face, use these tools to extract them, just like your parlour didi!

#ProTip: Unless you know how to use these, do not experiment with them on your face as you might seriously end up hurting yourself.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Beauty trends may come and go but blackheads stay on forever…unless you use a face scrub twice a week! If you have sensitive skin, abrasive scrubs might irritate your skin further so in cases like those, even a good face pack can do the trick!


Using a charcoal peel-off mask can help get rid of most surface-level white and blackheads. Apply a thin layer on your face, let it dry and peel it off. You can do this twice a week. Always apply a cooling mask (or ice) after you’ve removed blackheads to close your pores and avoid any kind of inflammation afterwards.

For the deeper, stubborn under the surface blackheads, you will need to use chemical exfoliators. If you’re familiar with using acids in your skincare routine, consider adding a mild peeling solution into your skincare routine. Use it once or twice a month to keep those blackheads at bay. 

Blackheads? We don’t know her!

Featured Image: Instagram

01 Jul 2020

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