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It’s Official: Monsoon Has Hit The Bay & These Beauty Staples Will Rainproof Your Makeup

It’s Official: Monsoon Has Hit The Bay & These Beauty Staples Will Rainproof Your Makeup

The rains visit us at the same time every year, so why do we always feel unprepared when the first sign of humidity and rainfall arrives? Even if you have your beauty routine down to the T, nothing compares to nature’s wrath when it comes to wreaking havoc on your makeup, rendering all your best performers useless.

The foundation becomes runny, dripping lipstick, and mascara streaks on cheeks do not make for an attractive Instagram picture. While you can’t do much about getting soaked in the rain, you can make absolutely sure your makeup can resist the weather and hold its own. Continue reading to learn how to prevent your makeup from melting.

Save Your Makeup From Melting With These Monsoon Beauty Staples


This is the only time to bring out water-proof everything, from mascara and eyeliner to foundation and lipstick!

Easy Does It

At the risk of sounding cliche, less is more. The more you apply, the faster you’ll have a meltdown. This starts with your skincare; monsoon doesn’t require heavy moisturisers. Use a milder, lighter, water-based moisturiser or serum instead. If you have particularly dry skin, commit to a moisturiser or serum formulated with organic and natural plant extracts that hydrates and nourishes your skin from the inside out.

Prime & Shine

It’s time to invest in a primer if you don’t already have one, because it makes the perfect base and increases the life of anything you put on it. For extra shine control, choose a mattifying solution. Wait five minutes before applying a tinted moisturiser because when you apply anything to a wet primed base, it loses its benefits. To keep your shadow and lipstick from smearing, prep your eyes and lips as well.

Go Foundation Free

Heavy foundation clogs pores, makes you sweat more, and weighs down the skin. Instead, use a tinted moisturiser that lends the lightest coverage. There’s less to sweat off when there’s less on your face! If you’re desperate for heavy coverage, use a water-based concealer with a brush for the best results, as the oil on your fingers will decrease the coverage.

Fix It With Powder

Lastly, regardless of your best attempts to stay cool, you will inevitably sweat. So, when you feel the dreaded drip, don’t fight it. Instead, dab gently with a blotting paper before reapplying your base. If you need something powdery to get the job done, opt for blotting powder to embrace the smudged-out look and take on the day!

Ditch ‘Em Powder Blushes

Blushes with powder formulations must be ignored as they tend to grab a seat on top of your skin, making them more likely to slide straight off, the minute sweat droplets develop! Stick to cream or gel bronzers, as well as creamy blushes or cheek stains. The pigments are light and easy to work with. A little goes a long way!

All hail waterproof makeup!

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Jun 2022

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