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Makeup Stains Ruining Your Fave Outfits? 5 Easy Ways You Can Avoid It!

Makeup Stains Ruining Your Fave Outfits? 5 Easy Ways You Can Avoid It!



One of the biggest fears of wearing pastel coloured outfits with heavy makeup is the possibility of staining your clothes. At some point in time in our lives, it’s happened to all of us. If you’re lucky, the stain will fade away with water and soap. However, if you’re not, you may have to discard that expensive outfit. The good news is that you will never encounter such a situation if you keep our makeup tips in mind.

5 Ways To Avoid Getting Makeup Stains On Your Clothes


You’ll be a pro in no time!

Use A Makeup Remover Before Cleanser


If you’re wearing an expensive outfit, we don’t recommend that you remove your makeup using just a cleanser and water at first. This method will get rid of the makeup no doubt, but 99% of the times, it will stain your outfit too. Always use a makeup remover first to remove heavy makeup. Once your skin is 80% free from makeup, you can follow it up with a cleanser to remove makeup residue. 

Don’t Apply Makeup On The Neck

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Unless you’re wearing a spaghetti top or a boat neck dress only then apply makeup on both, face and neck. High collar shirts and turtleneck blouses tend to stick to the skin. If it gets hot and your makeup begins to melt, that’s the first place where you will find stains. In such a situation, it’s okay to skip applying makeup on the neck.

Primers Exist For A Reason


To prevent product fall out, apply a primer first and then wear your makeup. Primers are designed to smoothen out the skin, fill in large pores and help the makeup stay put for long hours. Depending on your skin type, pick a primer that either comes in a gel, cream or liquid form. 

Befriend The Scarf

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Makeup can easily transfer to clothes if your skin comes in close contact with the fabric. To prevent this from happening, when putting on your clothes, place a scarf on your face. If there’s any fall out from your makeup, your scarf will catch it and not your outfit. 

Note: The scarf needn’t be new. Use an old one that you don’t mind staining. 

Set Your Makeup With Setting Spray Or Powder


After applying makeup, you’ll have to set it with either a setting spray or powder. Setting spray gives the skin a soft, dewy glow and is perfect for dry and normal skin types. A setting powder, on the other hand, not only sets makeup but also absorbs excess oil, making it a great product to use if you have oily skin.

And that’s how you prevent getting makeup stains on your clothes! Good luck. 

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19 Oct 2020

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