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6 Things Your Hair Stylist Wishes You Knew Before Your Hair Cut & Colour Appointment

6 Things Your Hair Stylist Wishes You Knew Before Your Hair Cut & Colour Appointment

At some point in our lives, we all experience a desire for a big hair transformation that we just can’t shake. For some, it’s a major hair colour switch-up, for others, it’s a drastic bob haircut. From the moment it hits you until you finally find yourself in the salon chair with foils in your hair, it’s all you can think about. If this craving to spice things up is what leads you to book a hair appointment with your stylist, you’ll want to do a little research beforehand.

While Nirvana’s Come As You Are may be a staple on your ’90s throwback playlist on Spotify, don’t take the message to heart if you’re heading to a salon. Preparing your hair before your next salon appointment is the secret to the best cut and colour you’ll ever have. Wanna know top hair prep hacks? Keep scrolling to discover the rulebook for pre-cut and colour proceedings. 

6 Hair Prep Hacks To Enhance Results And Help Your Salon-Fresh Look Last Longer

Start Two Weeks Prior 

The perf preparation should start two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment time, and only be applied if you regularly use toning or colour-boosting shampoos. Quit toning your hair two weeks prior to the appointment. At-home colour-boosting treatments keep your hair colour looking fresh. However, it’s best to let your colour wash away a bit before you see your stylist so they can get a clear view of where your hair is without them. Plus, your hair colourist won’t be able to know the exact quantities of dyes to mix to achieve the colour you want if your hair shade is very far from its natural hue.

Nourish Your Hair

This tip applies to everyone who is going to have their hair cut or coloured at their next appointment. Try going for an Olaxplex No.3 Treatment one week beforehand. It’s the best way to boost the quality of hair before the appointment. The healthier the hair, the more options your stylist will have with your colour plan, and the less they’ll have to cut off. 

Consider A Hair Detox

Another tip for the week prior to your appointment is to consider a hair detox. If you live in a hard water area, swim frequently, or feel your hair is prone to build up from pollution or product use a deep cleansing shampoo or a mineral remover to ensure your hair is clean and prepared to receive any chemical treatment effectively and safely.

Wash Your Hair Before The Appointment

This is the tip we all can benefit from and should be done before your appointment. It’s a myth that your hair should be dirty for your salon appointment. Most hair professionals prefer to work on relatively clean hair. You won’t go to the dentist without brushing your teeth, would you?

Thou Shalt Bring Inspiration

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it until the cows come home. Always bring tangible inspiration that details your vision clearly and objectively. Hair stylists can’t always describe what type of layers or which type of colour we’re looking for, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Leave Your Hair Freshly Shaped

Before your appointment, lay off the heat tools and leave your hair freshly shaped. This means leaving your hair in its most natural state. When the shape of your hair is changed, the light and shadows are reflected differently. A fresh, natural shape will allow your colourist to maximise the look. 

Low effort, high reward!

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04 May 2022

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