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Ready, Set, Prep: A Definitive Pre-Makeup Guide To Get You Through The Party Season

Ready, Set, Prep: A Definitive Pre-Makeup Guide To Get You Through The Party Season

The party season is just around the corner and that summons our inner divas. Party makeup is one thing we look forward to yet, we can’t forget that our skin needs some attention too. While we layer on foundations and concealers, blush and contour, and loads of setting powders and spray so that the makeup stays on, we have to first make sure our skin is comfortable and ready for all these products. That’s why prepping your skin for the party season is highly essential. From skincare habits to primer hacks, we give all the details you need to get your skin ready to party.

Tips To Get Your Skin Ready For Party Season


Squeaky Clean

Arm yourself with the right cleansers this season. As the weather is cold you will likely require creamy cleansers that deep clean your pores. Creamy clay cleansers are great for oily to acne prone skin although you should moisturise immediately after as you do not want your skin to be stripped of moisture. Normal to dry skin types should opt for moisturising cleansers that are gentle on the skin. And everyone needs a cleansing oil in their kit because it is going to work wonders for taking out your makeup in one step.

Healing Veil

Sheet masks are the best type of skincare mask for this time of year. Not only do they deliver intense hydration to your skin, they also provide essential nutrients that are best absorbed in cool weather. These masks also help soothe skin in case it is inflamed due to eczema or acne. Healing and hydrating hyaluronic acid infused sheet masks (suitable for all skin types) are best to prep your skin before makeup and to also recover your skin after the party’s over.


The cold months are the best time to get your skincare layering game on point. You can finally layer on serums and essences without feeling like you’re going overboard. Besides, your skin will need a boost of antioxidants to treat your skin concerns both before and after makeup. In case you get breakouts after wearing makeup, an acne exfoliating serum is in order. There are tons of targeted action serums for each skin concern so choose wisely and do not use them as a replacement for moisturiser.

Tone-Up Tools

Gua Sha, jade rollers, or ice globes, you can choose either one or stock up on all of them and you definitely won’t regret doing so. These babies will help depuff your skin after a long night of partying and will also help tone up your facial muscles. Use these tools on cleansed and moisturised skin. You should even apply a facial oil before massaging for best results.

Misty Moist

A facial mist should be by your side throughout this season. Whether it is dry skin or breakouts that’s causing you trouble, a face mist will work to keep your skin hydrated so that these skin concerns are kept at bay. Face mists also work well to refresh your makeup and so you can spritz them on over your makeup to rehydrate and give your visage new life during a party.

Touch Base 

Your skin is more prone to inflammation this season, whether you have oily skin or dry skin, because of the extremely chilly weather. That’s why you should not skip on a base makeup primer before layering on your foundations and concealers. This also means you should apply a moisturiser before primer so that your skin is well hydrated. While you can find the perfect primers for your skin type online or at the store, if you have fresh breakouts you can either apply a layer of aloe vera gel to your skin to work as a primer and protector. Unlike makeup primers that often use silicones in the formula, the aloe vera gel works as a natural filler to even out bumpy skin and it additionally locks in moisture and creates a strong barrier so that base makeup products do not interfere or aggravate the acne.

Follow these skincare steps to get your skin ready for the party season.

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09 Dec 2021

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