Here’s All You Need To Know About Hosting A *Sit Down Dinner* For Your Wedding!

Kaveri WaghelaKaveri Waghela  |  Oct 5, 2017
Here’s All You Need To Know About Hosting A *Sit Down Dinner* For Your Wedding!

Your wedding is a like a happy blur, replete with moments that slip faster than fine sand! While it is only obvious that you’ll be on your toes during your shaadi preps (and even after), it is sometimes important to sit back and savour all the pre wedding excitement with the people who matter the most! And since many Indian couples are experimenting with newer pre wedding rituals and concepts to get their guests more involved, an intimate sit down dinner would be a great idea! So whether you plan to host a dinner for your mehendi function or as a separate meet and greet soiree altogether, here’s everything you need to know about planning it right.

1.Nature Of The Event


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While sit down dinners are usually a formal affair, a little nip and tuck never hurts, right? Since only immediate family and close friends will be invited, you can opt for a more relaxed vibe with a picnic setup or even comfy floor seating. Make sure the theme of the event is clearly mentioned in the invite, so that none of your guests feel out of place.

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2. Table setting


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A sit down dinner calls for a long table setting instead of multiple small tables that seat a group of 4 to 6 people. A long table allows everyone to sit together and the conversation just flows. Plus, it pictures really well! Also, make sure the table looks spectacular with an elaborate table runner and attractive cutlery.

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3. Your Guest List


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A pre wedding dinner is a prelude to your ongoing wedding festivities. And what can be better than sharing the joy with your loved ones over some great food and bubbly? We suggest you shorten the guest list to only your immediate family, friends and relatives to keep the atmosphere more intimate and warm.

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4. Seating Arrangement


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To avoid any awkward situations at the party, we advise you have the seating arrangements done to the T. Seat people with similar interests or friends who’ll be meeting each other after long, next to each other. You can just have the name cards placed next to the dinner plates or on the back of the seats.

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5. Decor & Lighting


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Proper decor and lighting can create a pleasant mood for the entire evening. Make sure you have plenty of fairy lights and hanging lanterns to amp up the atmosphere. For rustic outdoor garden setups, lamps and diyas coupled with colourful pillows will make for magical treat!

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6. Food & Drinks


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What is a dinner party without a decadent food spread and unlimited cocktails served in the most interesting cutlery and fancy glasses? For an intimate dinner setup, we advise you have have an elaborate pre-set meal. You can always ask your guests to share any specific preferences in advance. Also, popping a bubbly to ring in the celebrations is mandatory!

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7. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!


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Whether you are planning a round of dumb charades or a tambola session, make sure you have planned some entertainment for your guests. Also, sit down dinners are perfect for speeches. Take the opportunity to thank your family and friends and you can have them give impromptu speeches for the couple too. We bet your friends will have a lot to share with the other guests!

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8. Last Minute Reminders!

Before calling it a night, it is extremely important to not only thank your guests but also to remind them about the series of events for the next day. This will ensure that they are well informed about the events and also feel very much a part of your wedding dream.

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