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10 Cute Ways To Make Your Wedding Night SUPER Special! *wink*

10 Cute Ways To Make Your Wedding Night SUPER Special! *wink*

Your wedding night should and will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable nights of your life! The formal festivities and ceremonies are finally over and it’s time for you two to begin your life together as man and wife! It IS a very special time, and making it even more magical will only add to the cherished memory that it will be! So, how does one go about making magical moments even more memorable?! Here are 10 awesome ways to make your wedding night special.

1. Fave music all the way

Download a mix of his favourite songs, or your favourite songs as a couple, and load them onto a pen drive! Ask one of your bridesmaids to make sure that those songs are played as the newlyweds head back to the room!

1 make your wedding night special

2. Watch your same day edit

Get your videographer to arrange for a ‘same day edit’ and have it set up in the room on a laptop or a TV! You can be the first ones to relive the magic of your wedding together!

3. Romance is key!

Everyone knows about the whole flowers on the bed routine, but how about a romantic tub bath with rose petals?! This one’s got to be even more special, right?

3 make your wedding night special

4. Room service please

Think about it – you two, in all probability, are fed up with all that wedding food. Or even if you aren’t, there’s a good chance that neither of you has been able to hog on yummy food in the last couple of days because well, you were busy playing bride and groom! Arrange for some fast food delivery for when you guys get back – trust us, you’ll love it!

5. Have the boxed gifts left in your room

That way you both can share the excitement of opening the wedding presents the second you get back from the venue. That should be so much fun!

5 make your wedding night special

6. Have a present to give one another

Think of something special and talk about it beforehand – it could be anything from a hand-written note to a scrapbook of your journey so far.

7.  Book a hotel room

Check if your wedding venue has nice rooms and book one well in advance! The surrounding will make it all the more special. You get to be together at your wedding venue on your first night!

7 make your wedding night special

8. Have personalised pyjamas made

Personalised nightwear for the bride and groom is just too cute! You can get something like your wedding hashtag printed on it… perfect to snuggle up in, isn’t it?

9. Surprise him with with insanely hot lingerie and sex

The whole night doesn’t have to be about sex, but if you want an opportunity to give him a night he’ll never forget – go for gold on your wedding night! Give him a glimpse of his sexy, new married life!

9 make your wedding night special

10. Party for two

You two could have your own little party till the sun rises. We’re talking champagne, music, exciting food and all that gets you both going!

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30 Jan 2017

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