Want To Make Your Wedding Invite Different? This Is How!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  May 5, 2016
Want To Make Your Wedding Invite Different? This Is How!


Like really, half the people we know just pass on mithai boxes with wedding invites. Ain’t no girl can have itna saara mitha. Send your friends and family a wedding invite and gift that they will adore. Here’s what we are currently loving!

1. Aroma diffuser set

wedding favor A set of diffuser pot, essential oil, incense sticks and tealight to perk up the house. Every time the fragrance floats around the house, they’ll remember your wedding! PopXo Recommends: IRIS Reed Diffuser, Rs 400.

2. Honey

wedding favors A gift that your calorie-conscious guests will relish! Say goodbye to unhealthy laddoos and pedas, and gift good health with honey jars.    PopXo Recommends: Under The Mango Tree, Rs 260 for 200 gms

3. Flavoured tea

wedding favors Premium varieties of tea and coffee make for a wonderful wedding favour. Beside the health benefits your guests will love savouring the refreshing new flavours. PopXo Recommends: Cinnamon Green Tea by San-cha Tea, Rs 660 for 25 gms (approx)

4. Plants

wedding favors Go green and gift pretty potted planters of tulsi, money plant, mogra, or anything you fancy. Tie a little ribbon on the stem and let a welcome or thank you note dangle at its end. It’s a thoughtful and extremely meaningful gift that people will cherish for a long time. PopXo Recommends: Your neighbourhood nursery will be able to provide you with tons of options. For online purchasing, checkout Nursery Live.

5. Organic spices

wedding favors Put together a hamper of everyday organic spices and pickles. So every time your next door aunty ji is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, she’ll think of you! PopXo Recommends: Vision Fresh Organic Cardamon, Rs 160 for 100 gms

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6. Scented candles and soap

wedding favors Cause everyone loves everything that smells yum! Pick up baskets from roadside vendors and fill it up with scented candles and a couple of cute scented soap bars. There, you’re done! PopXo Recommends: Apple Aroma Jar Candle, Rs 179

7. Cake pops and jars

wedding favor7 Sweet indulgence! Little jars of red velvet cakes along with Belgian cake pops. New age, fun and delicious. PopXo Recommends: Love is..Cakes, Rs 160 for 160 gms

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