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In The Mood For A Mani? Make Your Own DIY Nail Polish At Home Using Eyeshadow

In The Mood For A Mani? Make Your Own DIY Nail Polish At Home Using Eyeshadow

With not many people wanting to step out and spend too much money on beauty products during these uncertain times, DIYs have become quite the rage. From DIY cream blushes to lipsticks to liquid eyeshadows–all of these can be made by using existing makeup products. One of my favourite beauty experiments is making my own DIY nail polish from scratch. I love it because you only need two products to make it–clear nail polish and eyeshadow!

How To Make Your Own DIY Nail Polish At Home

I’m sure you will enjoy this fun step-by-step DIY nail polish tutorial! Sit back and relax, ladies!

What You Need: 

  • Clear nail polish (basecoat)
  • Eyeshadow 
  • Cuticle pusher 

How To Do It:

Step 1: Use a cuticle pusher to gently break and crush up the eyeshadow product until you’re left with its powder. 


Step 2: Use the part of the cuticle pusher that looks like a mini shovel to pour the crushed powder into the clear nail polish. 


Step 3: Close the nail polish and give it a good shake for a minute. 


And you’re done! Depending on how much sheer or colour you want, add more eyeshadow powder. Unlike traditional nail polishes, this formula is runnier and it does have the tendency to spread faster across the nails. It may also require more time to dry because of this. If at all, the nail polish ends up staining the skin around the nails, gently clean it up with a Q-tip that’s soaked with nail polish remover product.

Happy experimenting!

Featured Image: Shutterstock

28 Aug 2020

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