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9 Simple Tricks To Make Your Butt Look Amazing!

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  May 5, 2016
9 Simple Tricks To Make Your Butt Look Amazing!

We love our assets a bit too much, and sometimes we like to flaunt them too. Try these simple yet clever tricks to show off your butt! So what if you’re not built like Kim K, you can still work it, right?

1. Wear the RIGHT underwear

Whether you are wearing a fitted dress or jeans, the right kind of panties can make your butt look great if you choose wisely. Try thongs under thin fabric dresses or pants to highlight it. You can even pick cheekies, the kind of underwear that shows off the backside just a little.

2. Shapewear to the rescue!

make your butt look amazing

Girls, don’t worry if you are not happy with the shape of your rear; just get hold of some good spandex or butt enhancers to get them to look perkier!

3. The right kind of pockets

Those back pockets on jeans and trousers can be something that you can draw attention to! Get pants with embellished pockets, try new shapes, get solid patches or some interesting detail to get them noticed. You’ll certainly stand out with those tiny cute details. Deep and larger pockets make the butt look smaller, and smaller pockets make the butt look bigger. So depending on what you’re aiming for, buy pants with this in mind.

4. Wear high heels

make your butt look amazing

Yes, those heels look gorgeous on their own, make your legs look slimmer and your butt look shapelier too, all thanks to the posture they make you adopt! High heels automatically push your chest forward and butt backwards. Even your walk changes when you put on heels, and that itself lets people notice your backside when you strut around!

5. Less is more!

Try wearing shorter lowers – skirts, shorts or dresses. The less fabric that is covering the lower half of your body, the more attention is drawn to the butt. So, on days you want to highlight your assets, go for mini stuff rather than long flowy clothes.

make your butt look amazing

6. Horizontal stripes and color blocking

make your butt look amazing

Vertical stripes or lines on the pants make you look slimmer and thus de-emphasise the hips and butt. Pick clothes which have horizontal stripes and try solid color blocking. If the stripes start where the buttocks end, that’s the most effective way to show off them curves.

7. Don’t forget the workouts!

Lunges, squats, leg lifts and light weights are going to be your BFFs forever if you want the butt to look well-rounded and firm. Try and work out at least 3-4 times a week so that over time you reach your goal of getting that perfect booty.

8. Choose stretchy fabrics

make your butt look amazing

Avoid flimsy fabrics and opt for fabrics that have a bit of elasticity in them. Tube skirts, stretch jeans and leggings are perfect examples for the kind of lowers you should be choosing if you want to draw focus towards your behind. They hug the body closely and give a lift to your butt. Choose jeans that are high waisted and curvy instead of straight fitting ones.

9. Stock up on pencil skirts and colored bottoms!

Pencil skirts, colored bottoms, skater dresses and trumpet skirts are some awesome outfit ideas when you want to show the backside off a little more. They definitely pull a lot of eyes towards the lines of your body and they look pretty hot too! Highlighting your waist with high waisted pants will also draw attention to your booty!

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