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How To Make A Sarojini Outfit Look As Fancy As A CityWalk One!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
How To Make A Sarojini Outfit Look As Fancy As A CityWalk One!


While going to a mall and browsing those crisp and fancy clothes in air-conditioned surroundings sounds a hell of a lot better than getting pulled in a million directions in the crowded, sweaty lanes of a street-side market, you KNOW there is another difference you just can’t ignore! The PRICE difference! And a huuuuge one at that. And guess what? Making our budget-shopped clothes looking as fancy as high-street ones isn’t all that difficult – not with these pro tips!!

1. A Thorough Spin

Trust us, a good cleanse is necessary before you wear it, yes, even for the first time! Some things might shrink, others might fade – but it’s best to know what you’re working with before you plan your whole ensemble and future outfits.

2. Take Tailor Time

No matter how small a change it is, take a day or two to get your clothes altered to fit you just right. It might be just a minor tuck that you’ll probably only spend a few bucks on, but it will make so much of a difference when you wear it.

tailor - budget clothes look fancy

3. Threads And Stuff

After your big haul, just sit down with a pair of scissors and snip at all the tiny threads that are hanging around. DO take out time for this and don’t just do it when you see a thread out of place. “Finishing” is the ultimate difference between branded and unbranded clothes, so you don’t want to ignore this. Giving special attention will make sure you catch all the details that might not be visible to you when you’re wearing it. Also, for woollens that have minor pilling, just run a disposable razor over it. That’ll take care of it for a while!

4. A Nice Steam Iron

Nothing makes clothes look more polished than a good ironing! If you trust your press wali enough, by all means, let her have a go at it! Especially since her iron has a much crisper effect than your regular old home iron. A steamer is great to have handy at home for some final touches before you have to wear it.

iron- budget clothes look fancy

5. Dye Or Bleach

Sometimes things won’t look exactly like you thought they would once you get back home. It’s a sad truth of life, and it happens all the time. Obviously there is no returning or exchanging involved. If there are some patchy parts or if the off-white looks more like a white that is really old under the tube light at home, get some bleach or dye involved. Of course this only works for solid colour items and not prints.

6. Basic Housekeeping

Any loose hanging buttons should be fixed before you wear it! If you actually want to go the extra mile, we say just replace all of the buttons altogether with carefully selected ones from your neighbourhood shop! It might feel strange, but people do subconsciously notice this tiny detail of nice buttons. Plus, it’ll definitely give the clothes a longer life! Do this for hooks and eyes too, of course.

sewing - budget clothes look fancy

7. Match Your Outfit

Now that your clothes are ready to make an impression, make sure that the rest of you matches it! Nicely done nails, a neat blowdry and minimal makeup are some small things that will add great value to your overall look!

There you go! Who said you can’t look like a fashionista on a budget?!

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