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10 Tips To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits!

10 Tips To Make Your Arms Look Slimmer In Sleeveless Outfits!

Dear girls, are you super conscious of your arms when sporting sleeveless tops and dresses? Well, it’s high time you did justice to all those poor, pretty sleeveless clothes that have been lying in your cupboard for ages. We have 10 amazing tips and tricks to look slimmer in sleeveless outfits, just for you!


1. Wear the right fitting bra!

1 look slimmer in sleeveless outfits

An ill fitting bra has the potential to cause more damage to your overall look than anything else. Not only will a wrong size bra cause side bulges and fat spills under your arms, but will also make you feel uncomfortable all the time. So, in order to avoid these situations, you should definitely consider getting fitted (every 6 months, to be safe!) and buying the right size bra!

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2. Thin accessories help!

Avoid wearing accessories on your wrists that have thicker straps as they give can make your arms look broader by cutting down their length – chunky cuffs and heavy bracelets are a big no-no! Instead opt for delicate, slinky accessories as they will make your arms look sleeker and slender by creating a gap between them and your skin.

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3. The right strap is important

3 look slimmer in sleeveless outfits

If your arms are your problem area, you must strictly stay away from thin straps. Spaghetti and noodle strap tops will make your arms look heavier, crediting to large area of exposed skin. Look for broader straps as those won’t accentuate your problem areas as much. If you are really keen on wearing thin straps, you can layer them with a thin shrug or a shirt! It will have the same effect!

4. V necks to the rescue!

Deeper necklines create an illusion of a longer neck, calling for attention to your collar bones, while drawing it away from your arms. Since your arms and your neckline fall in the same horizontal line, the whole effect will ensure people’s’ gaze falls on your neckline and not your arms.

5. Stay away from tight armholes

5 look slimmer in sleeveless outfits

This one goes without saying. If your arm holes are tight, side bulges and spills would be a common phenomenon. Instead opt for something that has comfortable armholes that give enough breathing space and don’t restrict your movement.

6. Boxy shapes help too!

Yes ladies, you read that right! Because of their overall broad and structured silhouette, boxy shapes create an illusion of smaller arms. There are a lot of boxy printed tees and shirts available, you must definitely give them a shot!

7. In-cut styles are better!

7 look slimmer in sleeveless outfits

Instead of going for a usual sleeveless cut, opt for a deeper cut that shows off your shoulders a little bit more. Regular sleeveless tops cut your arms at a distinctive point where they stand out, making them look bigger. Hence, always go for in-cut styles when choosing something sleeveless to wear!

8. Give butterfly sleeves a chance!

Butterfly cuts are very short sleeves that can totally pass off as sleeveless. Their little flaps cover the broadest part of your shoulder, making your arms look slimmer and awesome!

9. Say no to strapless dresses!

9 look slimmer in sleeveless outfits

Strapless dresses are known to push everything up, including the skin under your arms. It might even make your arms look bulkier than they really are! It’s best to stay away from strapless styles as they only accentuate arm fat!

10. Last minute workout

Okay ladies, as much as you hate working out, this trick definitely helps. Doing a few push ups right before you step out will increase blood flow to your muscles, giving them a more refined, toned look. Get going now!

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14 Mar 2017

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