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7 Spots That You’re Neglecting While Applying Perfume But Shouldn’t

7 Spots That You’re Neglecting While Applying Perfume But Shouldn’t

There’s more to perfumes than spritzing them onto your clothes hastily. It’s not uncommon for us to tuck our on-the-go fragrance-laden cartridges into our purses for reapplication throughout the night. But reapplying is a bit of a hassle, and sometimes, a little awkward. That’s why you must know how to spray a fragrance in order to have it roll off your body in deliciously-scented waves for hours on end. There are a couple of spots on your body that nestle, hold, and accentuate the scent better. Here’s what you need to know about them.

You Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer & Here’s How


Belly Button

Your belly button radiates heat, and heat enhances a scent. That’s why spritzing a little bit of your berry-scented fragrance into your belly button allows the fragrance to dissipate better. Don’t forget to do this when you’re sporting a cropped top or bikini.

Inside Of The Elbow

The inside of the elbow is a pulse point. A pulse-point is an area of your body where your veins flow closer to the skin. When your veins lie in proximity to the skin, the spot emits more heat. Heat allows a scent to develop effectively, and diffuse into the air around you. And because this area is tucked away into the bends of your arms, for the most part, it nestles the scent strongly too.

Back Of The Knees

The back of the knees is another pulse point. It emanates heat. And heat always travels upwards. This carries the scent of the perfume up toward you throughout the day.

Behind The Tops Of The Ears

The back of the earlobes is one spot; but what about the tops of the ear? This spot isn’t as dry as the rest of your body. Remember that oily areas of the skin hold onto scents better than the drier parts. Make sure you’re moisturising the spot to further accentuate the scent.

Between The Cleavage

This is another pulse point. The heat strengthens the notes and carries the scent well. Just spritz your perfume in the area between the cleavage—especially if you’re wearing a top with a plunging or revealing neckline.


Scents cling to fibres, and your hair is just that. The strands of your hair will hold onto a scent for longer periods of time. But make sure you’re not overdoing it as perfumes contain alcohol, and alcohol isn’t the best for the hair. Keep the perfume about eight inches away from your hair, and spray it once or twice. You can try spritzing your hairbrush with a little bit of fragrance to avoid direct contact and achieve a similar effect in the end. Look for perfumes with lower concentrations of alcohol and ethyl while you’re at it.


Since you’re always moving around, spraying perfume on your ankles can project the scent from your skin to the air around you wherever you go.

Build A Fragrance Collection With These Long-Lasting Scents

Berries And Flowers Galore

This heart-shaped bottle holds an elixir that teases you with the scent of flowers and berries—before, slowly, nestling into your skin, and dissipating into subtler scents of bergamot, amber, and rose.

Chic, Swirling, And Jasmine

This one’s evocative, and brims with notes of tea, freesia, jasmine, and rose orchid that blend into a floral and sensual explosion for the wearer—as well as everyone surrounding them.

Feminine And Floral

This perfume will make others envy you—because of how heavenly it smells. If you’re looking for something citrusy and feminine notes, this one is it for you.

Old England And Seductive

How do you compress London into a bottle? Like this. This perfume is softly-infused with the scent of freshly-picked petals, and exudes an old-school charm you cannot replicate with another formula.

Luscious, Exotic, And Vintage

If you’re looking for something classic, this one’s perfect for you. Deliver to you in a video cassette-shaped bottle, this perfume by Gucci is strong and recognizable from a mile away and is like a floral, fruit cocktail boasting notes of jasmine, rose, vanilla, and patchouli throughout the day.

And that’s how you smell your best. You can layer your skin with petroleum-based jelly before spritzing on perfume. The droplets of the perfume will hold onto the jelly instead of sinking into your pores, and fading away.

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31 May 2022

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