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14 Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Fabulous On A Budget!

14 Fashion Hacks To Help You Look Fabulous On A Budget!

We all want to shop till we drop but living on a budget has its constraints. Should that keep us from looking like a million bucks all day, every day? No way! Looking fashionably fabulous all the time is every girl’s dream. If you want to know some genius hacks to look stylish on a budget, then you’re at the right place! Here are 14 amazing tricks that will always help you look fabulous without spending a bomb!

1. The Mane Game

There’s a reason we think so much about whether or not to get a certain haircut! The way you style your hair can seriously solve half your problems. Looking stylish doesn’t mean you HAVE to style your hair differently every day. Spend some time in front of the mirror trying out different hairdos and you’ll find that one hairstyle which is not only easy to style but also makes you look beautiful. Make this your signature hairstyle and look well kept everyday!

2. Invest In Classic Pieces

2 look stylish on a budget

Whether it’s a basic white tee, a stylish tote bag or a pair of denims that fit like second skin, investing in classics will shoo away your what-to-wear blues. Yes you must keep up with the trends but hoarding clothes that are currently trending will do no good to your closet in the long run. Be picky while shopping according to the trends. Try looking out for evergreen pieces even in the latest trends!


3. Layer Up Like A Boss

Be it a denim jacket, a casual blazer or a plain simple shrug, layering your outfit can instantly amp up your glam game! Investing in basic shrugs and jackets that go with everything will make layering so much easier for you. Whether it’s one of those days when you want to wear a sleeveless top without getting waxed or a slightly formal affair in college, you can always put on a jacket to look stylish.

4. Street Shop The Smart Way

4 look stylish on a budget

Not everything stylish you own has to be branded. Fashion essentials like casual summer dresses, accessories and scarves picked even from Sarojini Nagar market can easily pass of as branded items! A true fashionista blends investment pieces with thrifty finds for a well-balanced style. But compromising on well fitted clothes is not a good idea so avoid picking jeans while street shopping.

5. Crease Out The Problem

No matter how cheap your clothes are, ironing them well will instantly make them look more expensive. Make sure to always iron your clothes before you wear them. It’ll make you and your clothes look well kept!


6. The Right Bra

6 look stylish on a budget

Not only does an ill fitting bra draw away attention from your gorgeous outfit, it also affects your self confidence. So why compromise on a well fitted bra? Learn how to measure your bra size at home here, to ensure you’re wearing the perfect size. Be sure to pick a bra that is perfect for your size and doesn’t sit weirdly under your dress. For this reason, you can never have enough seamless, t-shirt bras.

7. Mix & Match!

No girl likes to repeat her clothes too frequently but it’s obvious that you can’t wear new clothes every day. To repeat your clothes without making it too obvious, mix and match smartly. Try wearing the same kurta with different bottoms like salwars and jeans, or wear the same jeans with different tops every day! Throw on a pretty stole to make your fave top look different the next time you wear it or layer a tee or dress by wearing a bright crop top on top of it. Have a close look at your closet and you’ll find everything you need to mix and match perfectly and make the most use of your clothes.

8. A Few Style Tweaks

8 look stylish on a budget


Sometimes, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it that can totally elevate a look. Drape a jacket over your shoulders instead of putting your arms through it or layer on a few chokers and statement necklaces. These are simple tweaks that can take your ordinary outfits to fashion blogger status. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about different and stylish tweaks you can add to a regular look. It really will go a long way!

9. Keep Your Shoe Game Strong

We can never have enough shoes in our closets! But let’s be realistic girls, you can’t possibly own matching footwear for all your clothes. Buying a pair of sneakers, nude wedges or a pair of tan coloured moccasins that go with everything will definitely make you look well dressed. If closed shoes aren’t your type then look for a basic pair of neutral coloured flats that go with almost everything you own. Gold or silver sandals are always perfect to pull any kind of look together. You’ll always be shoe ready!

10. Salon Time!

10 look stylish on a budget

Always take some time out of your busy schedule to keep yourself maintained. No, we’re not talking about expensive manicures or pedicures. We’re talking about waxing and threading! Keeping yourself well groomed always will help you more than you think. Not only will you always be ready for a party but you’ll also have a variety of clothes to choose from your closet for daily wear!  


11. Makeup? Maybe!

We’re not saying you should be dolled up all the time. But applying eyeliner or a subtle, nude lip colour will add a glamorous touch to your look. If going for manicures sounds like too much effort, then apply a nude nail colour on your short nails to look better put together at all times.

12. That One Bag!

12 look stylish on a budget

The bag you carry says a lot about you. You don’t necessarily have to carry a branded bag to look classy. A non-branded tote bag can easily up your style game. Buy that one bag you can carry around everywhere! Be choosy with the colour and the design of the bag you decide to buy. Opt for a well-structured, neutral coloured bag like this one that’ll make you look polished and easily fit all your essentials!

13. Be Choosy With Fabrics

Some fabrics scream tacky and can be clingy and unflattering while the rest look so elegant! Be choosy about the fabric of the item you’re picking. Fabrics like cotton and silk are flowy and will definitely make you look elegant. Whereas synthetic fabrics like lycra can be a little risky. Choose well girls!


14. Don’t Be Afraid To Keep It Simple

14 look stylish on a budget

Ladies, remember that less is always more. When in doubt, it’s always safer to stick to the basics and opt for a simple outfit that is classy and sophisticated, rather than going loud and OTT. There are a few simple classics that will always help you look fabulous – an LBD, dark skinny jeans, a silk blouse, white jeans with a white top and a red bag. These are outfits that will always help you look stylish and chic, no matter what!

Don’t forget to wear a smile and carry yourself with confidence!

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24 Nov 2016

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