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How To Look After Your Skin After Removing Your Face Mask

How To Look After Your Skin After Removing Your Face Mask

As many health officials would put it, we’re in a war with coronavirus. Without vaccines as weapons, we’re left with the only shields we know of- face masks and hand sanitizers. Staying indoors, eating healthy and social distancing are a few ways to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus. But think about the doctors, the volunteers, the health workers, our watchmen, the people who work in supermarkets, the police and so on – aren’t they putting their lives on the frontline for our safety? Our hearts go out to them! 

Having to constantly wear gloves, face masks and proper gears to work every day for long hours is uncomfortable and gets exhausting after a while. More so, destructive for the skin. If the mask is taken off in a haste, it’s going to damage and irritate your skin. Make sure to buy cotton face masks that are soft on the skin and follow a certain skincare routine after removing your face mask

How To Look After Your Skin After Removing Your Face Mask

Every single tip mentioned below has a compound effect. The more we spread the word, the brighter and safer our future will be. 

Tip 1: Use Clean Hands To Remove Your Mask

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Yet, so many of us just come home and use our dirty hands to remove the mask. Don’t do this. As soon as you come home, wash your hands with water and soap. Towel dry them and then gently remove your mask. 

Why this works: Bacteria on the hands will not transfer to the face mask or make its way to the mouth and nose. 

Tip 2: Wash Your Face Next


A wet and humid climate is an ideal environment for bacteria to live and breed. That’s the space in between your mouth and the mask. Not washing your face at least twice a day will lead to breakouts and skin inflammations. If you can’t wash your face at work, use wet wipes or toner to get the job done. 

Tip 3: Take A Break From Makeup

It’s not the best time to wear makeup. Even you can’t live without it, understand that it’s going to stain your mask and clog your pores. Yes, no good can come out of it. Try shifting the focus to skincare though. Whatever you do, don’t forget to moisturise and apply SPF every day.

Tip 4: Take A Break From Wearing A Mask


Wearing face masks for long hours becomes uncomfortable and suffocating after a while. The fabric on the face masks isn’t optimal for comfort. For the sake of your health and your skin, remove the mask after an hour every 2-3 minutes. This will allow you to breathe better and your skin to equilibrate the temperature and humidity outside. If you’re not in an environment where it is safe to take off your mask, you can try to make your own face mask using soft cotton fabric. This will reduce the friction to your skin. And whenever you do get a minute to take off your mask, remember to show your skin some love. For that instant dose of freshness and hydration, spray some face mist!

Tip 5: Know When To Dispose The Face Mask


Dirty face masks can not only put your health at risk but also your skin too. The last thing you want is the bacteria to mix with the sebum and clog your pores resulting in acne. Masks should be disposed of 2-3 days max. If you’re going to reuse them or make your own, wash them well with a household disinfectant. 


These points also apply to people who step out for grocery shopping, dog walks and making trips the chemist.

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29 Apr 2020

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