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6 Signs That A Bridal Lehenga Is ‘The One’ For Your Wedding Day!

6 Signs That A Bridal Lehenga Is ‘The One’ For Your Wedding Day!

It is true; finding a lehenga for your wedding is much more difficult than finding a husband! Zeroing down on that perfect wedding day lehenga is a difficult task, because let’s face it, there is always something better than the other! But just like love, there are certain signs that will tell you that this lehenga is the one. Read on to find out…


1. The silhouette and style flatters the occasion

lehenga 1

While a lehenga with a trail would look great at your reception, for your wedding day it might not be the ideal choice. So, if you find a lehenga in a style or cut that flatters your body type and suits the occasion or the theme of your wedding, you know you’re a step closer.   

2. You can wear it more than once!

lehenga 3 B

Now we all know that a bridal lehenga never makes it out of the suitcase after the D-day. But most brides these days are opting for lehengas that they can actually wear again. A lehenga that can be mixed and matched with other pieces you own is always a better choice. So if you spot a lehenga you feel can be worn again, there goes another tick!

3. You are not influenced by the choices of others (family and friends to be precise!)

There are times when your mom or sister have to convince you about an outfit looking great on you. But when you wear a lehenga and feel beautiful in it, without your family having to say so, you know it’s ‘The One’. While it is completely safe to consider their suggestions, choose the one that you would select even if you were to shop alone.

4. You have selected it for the right reasons

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Select an outfit that feels right – not because your mom likes it or because you are getting a hefty discount on it or because it’s something that your guest will appreciate. Your wedding day outfit is special and you must feel special in it, regardless of the designer or the price tag.

5. The outfit and the price tag complement each other!

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It’s important to keep your lehenga budget in check and to make sure that the amount does not pinch your pocket. If you find a lehenga that you’re happy to pay the X amount for and your love for the lehenga makes it justifiable, then go for it girl.

6. You can’t stop yourself from twirling in it!


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We are not exaggerating here. Lehenga dreams are legit and if you just can’t stop twirling in it or admiring yourself in the mirror, then you have successfully found ‘The One’.

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06 Mar 2018

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