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When Is The Right Time To Get A Haircut? These 6 Signs Scream ‘Right Now, Buddy!’

When Is The Right Time To Get A Haircut? These 6 Signs Scream ‘Right Now, Buddy!’

They say that hair should be trimmed after every 8-12 weeks. Thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, most of us are slightly behind schedule. Some of us haven’t even had a haircut for months and it’s starting to show on our hair’s appearance. Even if you can’t tell, your locks will give you obvious hints that you need to get a haircut ASAP. Wonder what those hints are? Read on!

How To Know If It’s Time To Get A Haircut?

After all, seeing is believing, right?

There Is No Shape

You know you desperately need a haircut when your hair’s layers and bangs have started to grow out. When you can’t even tell what haircut you got in the first place. Especially in case of those who have tight curls and natural beach waves, hair starts to become unruly and frizzy and that is a red flag right there.

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You Have Split Ends


One way to get thicker-looking hair is to get rid of split ends. How do you know if you have split ends or not? Take a good hard look at the ends of your hair. Besides seeing one hair strand diving into two (or more) thinner ones, you’ll also notice dullness, dehydration, and brittle tips. This means easy breakage too.

Your Hair Falls Flat

Your hair looks lifeless from afar. Its natural texture has become dull and frizzy, falling flat on your shoulders and feeling rather limp. There’s no volume, style or vibrancy whatsoever. Just hanging in there and that’s when you know it’s begging for a haircut.

It’s A Knotty Affair


Are you dealing with more tangles lately? Have detangling the knots become a stressful and painful task? What’s even worse is that it’s become an everyday struggle. Are you nodding in agreement? You know what needs to be done.

Your Natural Waves Have Gotten Straight

If you have natural curls and it has started to look straighter now, then it’s confirmed–your hair has lost its bounce. While you may use a product or styling tool to hold and define your curls, the effects will be temporary and will fade away after washing your hair.

Hello Dryness, My Old Friend


Damaged hair cuticles become porous and lose their ability to retain moisture. Especially after a head bath, your ends start to dry up quickly and frizz up. Can you relate? Of course, you can! This and the signs above are proof that it’s officially time for a haircut.

If you must visit a hair salon, make sure that you, as a customer, take these important precautions before booking an appointment. If you’re still apprehensive about visiting a salon, you can always try to trim your hair at home. You’re welcome, ladies.

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27 Jul 2020

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