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how to know if a boy likes you

How To Know If A Guy Likes You? Here Are 13 Signs That’ll Clear All The Doubts

Have you recently met a guy and have been wondering whether he is into you or not? Want to have some clarity, but too shy to outright ask him about it? TBH, we have all been there. It would be wonderful to find out whether the guy you feel attracted to, feels the same way about you. If he does like you, it’s great, and you can take things ahead from there. If not, you will likely save yourself a whole lot of heartache, effort, time and energy by walking away. Here’s a quick guide on how to know if a guy likes you.

For many, it’s not easy to say what they’re feeling for the other person. But being unsure of where we stand can be disconcerting. If you are one of these people, scroll down to read about some obvious signs that he likes you.

How To Know If A Boy Likes You

how to know a guy likes you



How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it? Let’s be real- there aren’t any sure-shot ways to find out whether the guy you like, likes you back. The most you can do is observe and pay attention to the way he behaves around you. The tell-tale signs and ways may be subtle but can give you some clarity on whether he is into you.  

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Does He Initiate Texting Between You Two?


It’s not necessary that the guy should always initiate a conversation, but it is definitely a red flag if he never does. Someone who genuinely likes you will make an effort to reach out to you. Another thing to look out for is when he replies to your texts and calls. It is understandable that a person will not be available 24×7, but if he leaves you in a lurch for a long time for no good reason, it isn’t necessarily a good sign. To sum it up, a guy who likes you will want to spend time with you and will try to contact you- not always, but consistently.  

His Friends Leave You Two Alone


It’s not just him who will give you signals! You can pick up subtle cues from his friends too. It’s pretty obvious that his friends will be the first ones to know if he has a crush on you. They will try to give you both as much personal space as they can without making it seem obvious. Often, with you around, they will let him call the shots and subtly compliment him, to show you that he is liked and respected by his buddies.

Does He Open Up To You?


If a guy feels comfortable opening up to you, it’s an indication of how comfortable he feels around you. Allowing himself to be vulnerable, without having his guard up all the time shows how special you are to him, and that he trusts you. It is one of the most definitive signs a guy likes you.

Expresses Concern


Whether you are down with the flu or have just taken a late-night cab home, he is always concerned about your well-being. He might drop you texts or call you just to check up on you. His concern for you might just be the indication you need, to feel sure about how much he cares about you.



Signs A Guy Likes You

clear and obvious signs he likes you


Who said women are complicated? On the contrary, it’s much more difficult to figure out men and their emotions. Before you get emotionally invested, look for signs the guy likes you too. Normally, when a guy likes someone, you can tell by the way they behave around them. They will likely do things they don’t normally do, or behave differently than they do with their friends. Below is a list of obvious signs that he likes you.

Gives You Special Attention In A Group Outing

If a guy has a crush on you, chances are that his focus will mainly be on you, even if it is a group outing. However, attention alone doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you. Does he want to know about your life goals, your dreams, and your ambitions? If yes, it could be a sign that he genuinely likes you, and is in it for the long haul.

Wants To Know More About You

It’s a great sign if he shows interest in wanting to know you better, and is fascinated by you. Similarly, he will also be eager to tell you more about himself, his interests, and things that he enjoys doing.

Remembers Little Details About You

It’s cute when people remember little things about you. It’s proof of the fact that they care. Did the guy bring up something insignificant you told him casually weeks ago? If yes, it’s a good sign!

Engages In Deep Thoughtful Conversations

You might find yourself in the middle of a conversation where he is interested in knowing more than just your favourite flavour of ice-cream. If he initiates conversations that are intellectually stimulating and consist of open-ended philosophical questions, he is making an effort to connect with you on a deeper level.

Wants You To Meet His Friends

If a guy brings you to meet his group of friends, he must really like you. For a lot of guys, this can be a way of seeing and judging whether you fit into his life. He might also want to know what you think of his friends and the people he hangs out with.

Asks If You Have A Boyfriend

Maybe not directly, but if he is interested in you, he will indirectly want to know if you are seeing someone, or if you are single. Chances are, he is asking you to find out if you are available to pursue a relationship or not.

Tries To Make Plans With You

It’s a great sign when the guy wants to spend time with you! Anybody who wants to spend time and effort planning your next date or an outing, must be interested in you.   

Laughs At Your Jokes (Even If They’re Lame)

how to know if a guy likes you


I think this one is a tell-tale sign! Yes, everyone laughs at great jokes. But only someone who really likes you, will laugh at your subpar jokes too, and will find you funny anyway. Lame jokes or not, you deserve someone who makes you feel heard and special.

Doesn’t Hesitate To Double Text You

When a guy tends to double text, despite not getting a reply from you (for whatever reason), he must be eager to hear back from you. While yes, it reeks of desperation, it could also be an indication that he cares about you, and wants your attention. That being said, you are allowed to have boundaries, and if repeated texts from him bother you, feel free to block the guy.

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Now that you know some of the obvious signs a guy likes you, you might be able to judge better whether he returns your affection. Lastly, don’t feel like you can’t directly confront a guy about whether he likes you or not. This isn’t middle school. Sure, a direct approach isn’t the most conventional one, but you do you!  

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28 Jun 2021

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