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5 Ways To Keep Your ‘Work From Home Office’ Clean, Germ-Free & Pretty

5 Ways To Keep Your ‘Work From Home Office’ Clean, Germ-Free & Pretty

When the lockdown began, work from home became the new normal and since there’s no definite date as to when we’ll be free of the pandemic, this new work culture will continue until it’s safe to venture out again. There’s no denying that there are many distractions while working from home, but a proper designated workspace that’s functional, clean and comfortable makes things a whole lot easier. And we’ve got a few ideas on how you can achieve this with a few products form WIPEOUT by MyGlamm.

Along with choosing a perfect spot in the house, you need to sanitize it daily as well. Even if you haven’t left your house in a while, you are still not free from germs. It’s important to sanitize your electronics at least thrice a week to contain the growth of microbes on it. And here’s what you can use to keep your WFH desk clean: the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray and WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes are perfect as they kill 99% germs without damaging the devices. And the products are affordable too!

So, without further ado, here are a few tips on how you can spruce up your workspace with the help of WIPEOUT by MyGlamm, keeping it clean and germ-free.

Designated Area

If you haven’t done this already, it’s not too late to pick one spot. If you already have a specific work area, it’s time to declutter it and turn it back into your workstation. Your work area at home needs to be away from any potential distractions like your fridge, TV or even your bed. It’s important that this area receives proper lighting as well. If you have overly tired eyes by the end of the day, it’s time to switch to a new spot.


Get Organised

For those who already have a designated desk for working, we’re pretty sure that along with your laptop, you also have a whole lot of unnecessary junk kept on the table. Clear out your desk and keep only the required items. Your laptop, diary, pen, cell phone and chargers are all you need.


When was the last time you sanitized your keyboard or even your mobile phone? Bacteria and microbes settle on every surface and commonly used products are a breeding ground for germs which is why sanitizing is a must. At the start of this quarantine, you probably had to resort to applying hand sanitizer on a tissue to clean your electronics due to the lack of products available. But now, you can say goodbye to those tedious days. ‘Coz hello, WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes! These wipes are enriched with ingredients like eucalyptus, lemon oil and germ-fighting alcohol, that keep you safe by eliminating any impurities. Not to mention, you will be left with soft smooth hands as the natural ingredients present in these wipes also moisturise and recharge your skin.

How do you use it? Well, it’s easy! The key rule to remember while disinfecting any electronics is first, ALWAYS switch them off and disconnect the power cable. When it comes to your laptop just pull out a WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipe and gently start cleaning the screen, keyboard and mouse. If your battery is removable, take it out before you start sanitizing the laptop. After you’re done, let the laptop air dry.

You can do the same for your phone and tablets as well. If you’re working on a PC, you can follow the same procedure used for laptops. After disconnecting everything, wipe down the screen and the back of the monitor with these wipes. For your keyboard, turn it upside down to get rid of the crumbs, dirt and then sanitize it with the wipes.

Spruce Up The Decor

Just because you need to keep your desk clean and free of clutter doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up a bit. Decorate it with fresh flowers or a table plant or any personal memorabilia. Even though work from home isn’t permanent, for now, this will brighten your mood every morning and help you start your day on a good note. It’s also a great distraction during those unnecessarily long Zoom meetings.


Keep The Air Clean & Fresh

Yes, you read that right. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t step out of the house or stepped out only for a couple of minutes, germs and microbes are everywhere including your own home. Now, not only do we need to deal with this nasty weather change, but we also need to take into consideration the germs, pollutants and bacteria floating around in the air which can make us sick. 

So how do you keep the air inside your home clean and fresh? For starters, you can open your windows more often, add more indoor houseplants, opt for eco-friendly disinfectants and air out new furniture. You can also keep the WIPEOUT Sanitizing Spray by your side while working to freshen up the air from time to time. Its natural ingredients will leave you with a pleasant smell that won’t cause eye, nose, throat or lung irritation.

Add these WIPEOUT products to your work from home essentials ASAP to create a germ-free workspace.

Featured image: MyGlamm

Toss these products in your purse, desk drawer, car or gym bag to sanitize anytime, anywhere. Ready to make WIPEOUT your new BFF? Check it out here

31 Jul 2020

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