Beauty Basics: 5 Haircare Tips That’ll Stop Your Strands From Becoming Super Greasy

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  May 4, 2021
Beauty Basics: 5 Haircare Tips That’ll Stop Your Strands From Becoming Super Greasy


The panic of waking with hair that feels greasy is a nightmare, especially if you have plans for the day. Sure, you can hop into the shower real quick but what if you’re already late? Yes, there are many hairstyles that can help you hide the fact that you haven’t washed your hair but if you’ve to get ready for an urgent Zoom meeting then what will you do?

A greasy scalp not only feels uncomfortable but can also lead to itching and other hair problems such as hair fall and dandruff. Not to forget that your hair will start to stink too. So, how can we keep our greasy hair in check? We’re here to tell you.

How To Keep Greasy Hair In Check

Just washing your hair regularly is not the perfect solution to deal with greasy mane as it will strip away the natural oils from the scalp that help maintain your lustrous locks. Here’s how you can tackle a greasy situation without damaging your hair’s health.

Change Your Shampoo

Shampooing on an everyday basis isn’t recommended but if you are a gym queen who loves to test her limit by spending long hours at the gym, we can understand the need.

Ditch your regular shampoo by choosing a mild one instead. Use only a dollop of product and apply it gently on the scalp. Avoid the ends at all costs. Make sure you use a hydrating conditioner afterward to make up for the moisture loss.

Use A Shampoo Brush

A great way to keep your scalp clean and get rid of product buildup easily is by using a shampoo brush. Just wet your hair, pour a dollop of shampoo, and start massaging your scalp with the brush.

Doing this regularly will not only keep the scalp fresh for longer hours but the brushes will also get the blood flow going, thus increasing the length of your hair.

Keep that Comb Clean

When was the last time you changed/cleaned your comb or the hairbrush you love so much? One of the reasons why our hair instantly starts to feel overly greasy after running a comb through our hair is because it already has product buildup on its own.

Don’t believe us? Then take a toothpick and press it against the teeth of your comb and you’ll understand how gross the situation is. change your comb once every 4-5 weeks or clean it thoroughly using a toothbrush and shampoo.

Avoid Silicone-Based Hair Products

A lot of the shampoos and other hair products such as conditions or styling products have silicones in them to add shine to our mane. Yes, they do a job just fine but also end up causing build-up on the scalp due to the way they are formulated.

Silicones can also prevent essential nutrients from penetrating deeper into the scalp, thus causing more hair problems. If you have hair fall or any other hair woes, avoid silicone-based hair products at all costs.

Keep A Dry Shampoo Handy

Dry shampoo can be such a saviour, especially if you have somewhere important to be. Just open your mane, bend and brush your hair towards your face and spray! Just 2-3 spritz are more than enough to freshen up your mane within seconds and also add a touch of scent.

The downside of using dry shampoos is that constant usage can lead to product buildup and also make your hair feel extremely dry. Do not use it more than 1-2 times a week and never keep it in your hair for more than a day.

Greasy hair, who?

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