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Naughty Girl's Guide To Having Multiple Orgasms

Naughty Girl's Guide To Having Multiple Orgasms

Ah, that elusive big O! It is like the mirage of a lake in a desert, we all know that it exists. But how many of us have actually witnessed it? Most importantly, how many of us have had the good fortune of coming across it over and over again?

Multiple orgasms are not an illusion, but we need to do our share to get there. It can get a bit technical, trial and error et all because different things work for different women. Having said that, here’s my secret to having a ball of a time, when I get down and dirty with my man.

Start with some self-discovery

Before you know exactly what to tell your guy, take your hands to places they have never been before. Multiple clitoral orgasms is a real thing, ladies. Figure out the pace and the kind of stimulation that gets you on the most so that when you’re with your partner, the basic sex math bit is out of the way.

Get in the mood

For a great sexual experience, it seems kinda obvious that you have to be turned on. Whether it is through some hot, hot foreplay or watching a sexy flick with him, this will only fire up your chemistry and help your sesh last longer. Also, don’t feel shy to ask him for some oral action. For most women, clitoral stimulation through cunnilingus is one of the easiest ways to orgasm multiple times.

2 multiple orgasms

Kegel it out

Also known as pelvic floor exercises, it involves contracting and relaxing the muscles which are part of the pelvic floor for about three to five seconds. Since the same muscles experience an intense contraction while having sex, working towards strengthening them increases blood flow to the area and helps you experience pleasure in a deeper way through recurring pulses.

Pick your position wisely

Multiple orgasms are often a tactful mix of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration. So, pick a position that enables you to enjoy both simultaneously or one after another. A good way to go about it to start with stroking the clit and proceed down under. Also, ladies, having other body parts caressed also enables you to have more number of orgasms.

It is not a competition  

Don’t pressurize yourself to have additional orgasms every time that you’re having sex. Sometimes, single orgasms are just as good and sometimes making a lot of extra effort takes the fun out of the experience. It is also about a mind and body connection – once you’re in a positive frame of mind, you’re open to newer, more diverse experiences in bed. Which will, in turn, enable you to connect with your partner in better ways while inching towards a grand ol’ climax.

3 multiple orgasms

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22 Dec 2017

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