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13 Simple (And Useful!) Tips To Take Care Of Your Vagina!

13 Simple (And Useful!) Tips To Take Care Of Your Vagina!

We are sure all you lovely ladies out there take really good care of your health, right? But are you also paying enough attention to your vagina? Maintaining a healthy vagina is important, as it is an extremely sensitive part of your body, not to mention, it does some pretty awesome things! So here are a few hygiene tips for a happy, healthy vagina that every girl should know…

1. Keep it clean

Back to the basics ladies! Wash it regularly and thoroughly with plain water. Always remember to dry it properly and wipe from front to back and not the other way round.

1 Healthy vagina

2. Accept its Aroma

Your vagina is your vagina and not a field of lilies… So it does not need to smell like one. Keep away from vaginal douches, scented wipes and the like. Your vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and does not require you to use external cleaning agents. These actually interfere with the pH of your vagina creating a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.


3. Cotton undies all the way.

It may not feel as sexy as a lacy one or a thong but cotton underwear helps keep your vagina dry and more importantly, allows it to breathe. It prevents the buildup of sweat and bacteria which in turn keeps your vajayjay clean and infection free. All hail cotton undies!

3 Healthy vagina

4. Keep calm and do some Kegels

Yep! It needs to workout too. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the pelvic floor and a little birdie told us it helps you orgasm better too! What’s more, they are easy to do and you do not need any equipment for that. Want to know more? Here’s how you can do Kegels.

5. Eat clean

For a healthy vagina, you need to eat well and eat clean. Cranberry juice, avocados, yogurt, apples, flax seeds, and almonds, help your vagina remain infection free. So eat like a queen, but eat well.


5 Healthy vagina

6. Keep an eye out for discharges

Not all discharges are bad. Discharges are actually your vagina’s way of flushing out bacteria and impurities. While a clear, milky or mildly yellowish discharge which doesn’t have a bad odour is perfectly normal, a discharge with a peculiar smell and colour accompanied by irritation and itching may mean a visit to the gynaecologist is pending.

7. Go commando at night

It’s about giving it some breathing space, ladies. During the night, just like the rest of your body, let your vagina relax too.

7 Healthy vagina


8. Get down and dirty, but not without a condom

Pregnancy is not the only thing the condom prevents. It also keeps yeast infections, genital warts and other vaginal infections at bay. And you do not want to risk the health of your vagina, do you?

9. Wash up well after sex

Peeing after sex is important as is washing your lady parts with plain water. Both peeing and washing flush out any bacteria that may have entered during intercourse. So, never ever skip this cleaning ritual.

9 Healthy vagina

10. Change your pad/ tampon regularly

Even if it isn’t fully soaked, it is a good idea to change a pad every 3-4 hours. When you are on your period, there is more chance of bacteria building up, in and around your vagina. So, make it a point to change your pad/ tampon regularly and wash your vagina meticulously before every change.


11. Trim and Proper, but hair removal creams are a big no!

You should trim, wax or shave your vaginal hair, not just for the sexy business but it is also important from the hygiene point of view. But come what may, do NOT use a hair removal cream down there. These creams are not meant to be used in such a sensitive area and may cause rashes and infections.

11 Healthy vagina

12. Ain’t no party place for food items!

Nope! Just no. However kinky and sexy it may sound (to you and to him) don’t do it. It upsets the pH level of your vajayjay thereby exposing it to the risk of infections.

13. Befriend your gynae

There is nothing to be shy or ashamed about having a vagina, ladies! If you ever feel any kind of discomfort, go to a gynaecologist. It is also a good idea to get regular checkups of your lady parts just to make sure all is well down there.


13 Healthy vagina

Images: Giphy, Shutterstock

09 Jan 2017

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