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10 Ways To Get To Know Your Sister-In-Law Better!

10 Ways To Get To Know Your Sister-In-Law Better!

Did the words “new sister, new best friend” appear in your thought bubble when you first met your husband’s sister or his brother’s wife? Or did you feel that you both are such different people that if it weren’t for your husband, you probably wouldn’t be friends? Either way, here’s how you can get to know her better for a smooth lifelong relationship. Assuming that’s what you want… 😉

1. Make her feel comfortable

Rule number one: she mustn’t think of you as an intruder in her family. Start by being open and let her not feel like she is a guest in her own brother’s or husband’s house. She’ll be nice to you in return – promise! get to know your sister in law 1

2. Be friendly, but not TOO chummy

While it is good to be pally, don’t be overly sociable, no matter how close you feel. Define boundaries in your head and maintain them without getting carried away. It will help you keep a balanced relationship.

3. Initiate family outings

Invite her and the family out to go out for dinner or lunch occasionally. Make sure you go out for the kind of food she’s fond of. Meals are best for bonding. Also read: 8 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re The Eldest Daughter-In-Law!


4. Get social

Start a WhatsApp family group or stalk her on social media… 😉 You’ll get to know her likes and dislikes faster. get to know your sister in law 4

5. Encourage her

To follow her passion and dreams. Make an effort to talk about how she spends her free time. Praise her. This will help strengthen the bond you two share.

6. Buck her up

Especially when she is down. Find out if she is a chocolate person or an ice cream one and keep showering her with it – especially when she is PMSing.

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7. Draft some girl-bonding time

Like heading together for a facial or pedicure, watching a movie, doing yoga or even just going out for coffee or a shopping trip. Carve out some time to be alone together. That’s how you can get quality time for meaningful conversations. get to know your sister in law 7

8. Listen…

When she talks to you about something personal, don’t pass judgement. Hear her out and give advice only when asked.

9. Be her friend – not an overprotective sister

Especially if she is younger than you. Don’t boss around or question her. Let her be comfortable around you and she’ll open up. Also read: 9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You Have An Awesome Devar!

10. Pace it right!

Lasting relationships don’t form overnight. Give it time and patience to grow. get to know your sister in law 10 Images: Tumblr

15 Jul 2016

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