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Not Today, Acne: Dos & Don’ts To Follow If You Have Uninvited Visitors On Your Face

Not Today, Acne: Dos & Don’ts To Follow If You Have Uninvited Visitors On Your Face

Picture this: You wake up feeling all good about yourself because you are finally going out with the guy you’ve been forever crushing on. You’ve already decided on what you’re going to wear, and your makeup products are on your table, ready to be applied. You get up from your bed, feeling all giggly, only for it to turn into a short screech because guess what, you have a visitor on your face.

Is it just me or do pimples have a way of showing up on your most important days? Well, now that it is already on your face, avoid the urge to pop it because firstly, it’s going to leave a scar behind and secondly, you might end up getting some more…and nobody wants that.

With that being said, here are some dos and don’ts you must follow when you’re having breakouts.

Acne: Dos And Don’ts

Open any website, blog or even YouTube videos and you’re going to be introduced to a plethora of DIYs, home remedies, products that can zap those zits in no time. But if you keep popping them up like bubble wrap, how are they going to heal? Here’s what you must do:

Leave It Alone

Do not touch your face. We repeat, do NOT touch your face. Touching it or squeezing out the pimple will only make the situation worse as you may end up with a scar bigger than the black hole or even inflammation and permanent scarring.

Name it after your ex and we bet you won’t even look at it anymore.

Wash Your Face With The Right Cleanser

The next thing to do is wash your face with a facial cleanser that’s specifically meant for acne-prone skin. Wash it 3-4 times a day as it’s going to keep the surface clean and even control the production of excess sebum.

Keep The Surface Clean

After you’ve washed your face, go one step ahead and clean your face with a toner or spritz a facial mist on your face and clean it gently using a cotton pad. This will not only ‘double cleanse’ the area but also eradicate the germ causing pimples.

Use Anti-Acne Treatments

Getting a pimple can be so painful, especially if it’s big enough to be a part of the solar system. Here’s what you can do:

1) Use spot treatments to reduce their size overnight.

2) Use pimple patches to pull out the gunk from it.

3) Use creams that will help reduce its size.

But make sure that before you try any of these methods, you wash and clean the infected area properly.

Now that you know what to do in an emergency breakout situation, here’s what you shouldn’t do:

Don’t Pop It Like Confetti

Popping pimples is everyone’s guilty pleasure and no matter how hard you try, we eventually give in and pop it. It will help reduce its size, yes, but it will also leave a scar behind which will remind you of the painful situation on your face.

It can also result in a more severe breakout situation and even cause permanent scarring on your face.

Don’t Use Harsh DIYs

The good thing is that the internet is free, and the bad thing is that the internet is FREE.

With everything being just a click away, we are exposed to so much knowledge that we end up getting confused. If you Google acne remedies, the amount of search results it’ll show is alarming as there’s so much you can (but shouldn’t) do!

One of them is using harsh things such as lemon juice. Thanks to one of the TikTok trends, teens all over the world started applying lemon juice on their faces and it is just not done. It’ll not only dry up your skin but also disrupt the pH levels, and can also cause irritation and severe itching.

Ice But Don’t Over Ice

Applying an ice cube to the infected area is one of the easiest ways to reduce a pimple’s size but trust me on this–if you keep rubbing it on your pimple, it’ll gonna end up bursting and we all know what happens when a pimple is popped.

Check Your Makeup

When we talk about checking your makeup, this is what we mean:

Check your makeup’s expiry dates as they may or may not be responsible for the sudden breakouts or even skin purging.

Check the makeup tools that you’re using–are they clean?

Check how much products you’re using on your face. Do not go overboard with the foundation and concealer and clogged pores will only infuriate the current situation.

PS: Everyone gets pimples, so it’s time we embraced that we’re beautiful with or without acne!

Featured Image: YouTube, Pinterest

21 Oct 2020

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