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Dewy, Delicious Skin Is Here To Slay: Get That Glazed-Donut Skin Without Skipping Sunscreen Right Now

Dewy, Delicious Skin Is Here To Slay: Get That Glazed-Donut Skin Without Skipping Sunscreen Right Now

You’re a true glow-getter if you’re enamoured with that lit-from-within glow and can’t step out without glistening your face with a hydrating moisturiser or facial oil. But, first things first, protecting your skin from the ultraviolet rays is the top-most priority in a skincare regime.

Who’d have guessed that sunscreen could lend you that dewiness of your dreams? I’m not even kidding. The glazed-donut skin trend, which is based on famous skincare concepts like glass skin and slugging, is here to slay and stay. Because glazed-donut skin is considered to be one of the slickest trends of 2022 (coined by Hailey Bieber). Scroll down because we’re making a case that glazed-donut skin and sun protection can coexist.

So, What Exactly Is Donut Skin?


Simply put, the glazed donut skin serves as a reminder that radiant, nearly reflective skin is in vogue right now. It entails hydrating the skin before anything else so that your face is sparkling (but not greasy!) and radiant (but not clingy or gleaming) when you wake up.

The secret to achieving glazed donut skin is to stay hydrated and protect your skin’s natural barrier. Glycerin and squalane, two ultra-hydrating ingredients, leave skin soft, nourished, and glowing, just like a glazed donut.

Here’s Your Guide To Get That Delicious Glow While Protecting Your Skin

Step 1: Cleanse & Conquer

Make sure you prep your skin well. The key to getting flawless results is to start with a clean, exfoliated base. With a mild yet efficient exfoliator, remove any dead skin, product residue, or fake tan off your face.

Step 2: Layer Lover / Drum Serum

It’s time to start layering. Layering moisturising, antioxidant-rich products on the face is the best approach to get a really dewy look. Begin by applying your preferred serum. Vitamins A, E, and D, as well as other skin-friendly ingredients, should be included. These potent nutrients will keep your skin plump, firm, and healthy.

Step 3: Moisturise, Hydrate, Layer, Repeat!

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Apply your favourite nutrient-rich, dew-inducing moisturiser. Your best bet is a  good-quality moisturiser that fights free radicals while also hydrating the skin. Remember to opt for the one that’s loaded with antioxidants.

Step 4: Oil Up!

Enter: Silky Sheen! “I already have oily skin; I don’t want to add more oil,” you may reply. But this is where you could be making a major skincare blunder. A mild product that helps to lock in all the nutritious goodness into your pores is applying a face oil to your skin. The more hydrated your skin is, the less sebum it will produce.

Step 5: SPF Is Your BFF

You can’t get enough of the dewy glow? Mix up tinted or illuminating sunscreen (preferably SPF 30 or above) and then apply a good layer on your skin to further enhance it. Your skin will receive an instant burst of radiance and sun protection at the same time. This is considered the most important step to lock in all the nutrients you’ve just slathered on to your skin. Get glowing!

Pro Tip: Whip up your sunscreen with a strobe cream or your favourite highlighter to flaunt that lit-from-within-delicious-glow!

So there you have it, glazed-donut skin in minutes!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Jun 2022

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