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How To Flirt With Your Crush – 12 Things That Actually Work!

How To Flirt With Your Crush – 12 Things That Actually Work!

They say flirting is nothing but being super friendly with a super attractive guy! That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Find out some more fun and chill ways to flirt with your crush and before you know it, he will be all gaga over you too!


1. Movie date… Why not?

Be fun spirited and spontaneous! Guys adore that trait in girls. Ask him out on a movie date and spice things up by whispering into his ear or clench his hand (if it’s a horror movie). That’s likely to get things going for you.

How to flirt with your crush

2. Don’t forget to smile

Girls! Wearing a bright smile works better than all accessories and guys absolutely love it when you laugh at their jokes and humor. They get an ego boost by making a girl laugh and develop a sudden liking for her. #MaleLogic #HassiTohPhasee

3. But first, let me take a selfie…

Meeting your crush with a group of friends? Strike a conversation with him and after a while into it; take a selfie, just you and him! Trust me, it works!

How to flirt with your crush

4. A drink could do the trick

Be bold and ask him out for a drink! Not only will he be a impressed by your strong move, but will also get curious to know you more!

5. Tag him along…oops, on Instagram

Tag him on a sweet, funny, cute post on instagram. Always an interesting way to start things!

How to flirt with your crush

6. Surprise him!

Most guys expect a coy, dependent girl. Instead choose to surprise him…order your own drinks at the bar, and kiss him when he least expects it! Be the independent, fun loving girl who needs no guy to make her happy. Knowing that you’re doing great on your own will make him want you even more…twisted but so true.

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7. Snap Chat him up!

Sending cute snaps every now and then could do the trick for Mr. Crush. Especially when you’re dressed super sexy or in cute pajamas! Not explicit snaps, just fun ones that make you appear all cute and sexy to make him curious.

How to flirt with your crush

8. Once the sun is down, put your game on!

Late night conversations and flirtatious texts are a good way to know your crush and get closer to him. After all, late conversations are the most deep and honest. And if he takes the time to speak to you at night, you’ll know he’s into you as well.

9. Smell nice, Look nice

A cliché but it always works! Before he gets to know you better, you need to dress to impress every time you’re going to meet him. After all, light travels faster than sound.

 How to flirt with your crush

10. Tease him, Please him

When having a deep conversation, lean in close to his face and whisper something when he is totally expecting you to kiss. You could also deliberately miss his phone calls and call him back later, making him want you more!

11. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down

Stroke your hair while speaking to him. Maybe even shift your hair to one side of your neck. Guys find that incredibly sexy, especially when a part of your bare neck is visible to them. Maybe lightly brush his hand or pat his shoulder in conversation, it’ll send his pulse racing!

How to flirt with your crush

12. Be playfully naughty

Make eye contact and smirk when you converse… Integrate these magical gestures in your conversation with him, and you won’t be the only one with a crush for too long!

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10 May 2016

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