6 Failsafe Hacks To Fix The Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 28, 2021
6 Failsafe Hacks To Fix The Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Maybe you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to crafting a celebrity-approved makeup look, or perhaps you’ve yet to master the art of makeup. Either way, the fact is that makeup mess-ups happen to the best of us. That said, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a few fail-proof solutions on standby for days when those inescapable beauty blunders do arise? We’re thinking most def.

So in the spirit of sharing is caring, we’re listing down hacks to handle incredibly common makeup mishaps we come across in day-to-day life. So, if you need to do a crash course on how to do makeup damage control, keep swiping to know the deets.

The Complete Guide To Fix The Most Common Makeup Mishaps


To Fix Smudged Mascara

Imagine this: you’ve finished doing your makeup base, and your eye makeup is on point. You pick up your go-to mascara to enhance those gorgeous peepers, but then you accidentally swipe the mascara wand someplace other than your eyelashes. Shoot! Now you’re worried about erasing your perfectly applied concealer and eyeshadow. So here is the easiest way to take off the mascara without ruining your makeup. All you need to do is take a cotton bud and dip it in micellar water and use the end to gently scrape it off. Avoid using an oil-based makeup remover as it might cause the rest of your makeup to smudge.

To Fix Over-Plucked Brows

Yeah, we’ve all been there. If you went overboard with your plucker and ended up with freakishly thin eyebrows. There’s little that can be done until they grow back. But DW, there are promising products that can work wonders in enhancing the growth of your eyebrow. You can either invest in a growth-enhancing serum or start a good biotin-rich multivitamin to speed up your hair growth. P.S: For an instant volume, try the sparse edges giving you model-esque brows.

To Fix Shadow Fall-Outs

Applying powder eyeshadow on your eyelids after you’ve poured time and effort into creating a gorgeous makeup base can end up being a time-consuming mistake. The excess eyeshadow can fall off and settle into your under-eye area and cheeks. But DW, as this quick hack will help you deal with this beauty mishap. All you need to do is go in with a cotton bud to remove the stray pieces of eyeshadow. Then, use a precise brush and a full coverage concealer. Take the concealer on the tiny brush to cover the areas, then set it with powder.

To Fix Cakey Foundation

Hands up if you had ever accidentally piled on too much foundation which ended up looking, Ummm, unrealistically even-toned? Same, pal, same. But there’s a simple way to reverse this makeup misstep and all you need is your go-to moisturiser to turn the cakey base into a piece of art. Just add a dab of moisturiser and gently apply it onto the skin in a small circular using your fingertips. Next, use a damp beauty sponge to blot away the excess product. We recommend using a lightweight moisturiser that’s neither too thick nor rich as you don’t want to alter your makeup, but simply sheer it out to appear like a second skin.

A Quick Fix To Feathering Lipstick

There ain’t anything more frustrating than seeing our hot-hued lipstick feather out and settle outside our natural lip line. TBH, it’s sometimes simply unavoidable, but we have a quick hack to fix this. Just grab a damp q-tip and your concealer. Remove the excess lipstick using the q-tip and then fix the edges by tapping the foundation or concealer. Alternatively, using an anti-feathering lip liner will also do the trick.

To Fix Overly Done Blush

While the perfect amount of blush imparts a fresh rosy aesthetic to our face and leaves our skin looking youthful and healthy. However, apply too much and suddenly we’re on a one-way train to clown town. But don’t fret as there’s a quick fix to it, you can easily soften the colour by dabbing a little foundation and blending it in for a natural finish. Alternatively, using the same brush or sponge that you used to apply your base and going over the area will help diffuse the intensity of blush giving you a seamless finish.

Are you taking notes?

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