Beauty Basics: 4 Tips & Tricks On How To Fix A Cracked Nail At Home

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Jul 20, 2021
Beauty Basics: 4 Tips & Tricks On How To Fix A Cracked Nail At Home


Seriously, is there anything that ruins your day more than cracking a nail? It’s like one minute your nails are looking great like I-deserve-to-be-a-hand model great and the next you’ve cracked that one dreaded nail and it all goes to freakin’ hell. Since going to the salon right now isn’t safe and is also expensive, we thought we’d give you a lowdown on how to tackle this situation by yourself at home.

Your Guide On How To Fix A Cracked Nail At Home

File ‘Em Down

Okay, this may be a tough one to come to terms with, especially if you’re obsessed with your long nails but when you’ve cracked your nail then filing it and clipping it is your best option. The split in your nails usually happens at the tip so they are pretty easy to fix. If it’s a small one, you may only need to file it into shape but if the split is large, it may need to be cut first and then filed into your desired shape. 

Quick Fix The Nails With Glue

Applying nail glue is a great solution if you’re planning to stall until you can go for a manicure appointment. All you need to do is apply nail glue to the broken part and press it down together for a few seconds. Once it is dried, you can clean up the excess glue buff the area down. You can even apply a coat of nail enamel to seal the deal.


Tea Bag To The Rescue

Yup, it does sound a bit bizarre but this method really works. First, cut a tea bag so that it’s the right size to fit the broken part of your nail and then put on a thin layer of nail glue on the area and lay the bag on it with tweezers. Coat it with glue again and let it dry off. Once it settles in, buff the nail so that the texture feels smooth and voila, you can apply your fav nail paint shade over it.

Press-On Nails Work

Sometimes your nail is cracked beyond the point of saving and in that case, press-on nails are your besties. Just pick ones with a cute print on them and glue them onto your real nails till they grow in length. 

Here Are Some Products To Have In Your Nail Care Arsenal:

Yes, these are fixes for cracked nails but if you really want to prevent them from becoming brittle then you’ve got to look after them well. Keep them moisturised and hydrated, file them regularly, have a protein and calcium-rich diet, stay hydrated and always apply base and topcoats. 

Aren’t you just nailing it?

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