#PartyStyle: How to Rock New Year’s Eve with Basics from Your Wardrobe!

Urmi DagaUrmi Daga  |  May 6, 2016


The final word in goodness, cheer and generosity is here – it’s that time of the year when our loving Santa has come dropping goodies in our stockings and New Year is just around the corner. Now, with candy floss, sugary sweets, plum cakes, friends and relatives, music and movies, work and fun – there is so much to do! Especially given that New Year’s Eve really feels like it’s everyone’s birthday. For those who have time crunches like us (no time to shop, no time to decide what to wear for a NYE party – well, in our case we don’t even know where are going to celebrate), this post is to put an end to that constant inner confusion and catechism. We’ve created 4 looks to show you how you can dress up your wardrobe basics to rock all those parties you have to go to!

1. A Basic Black Tee

dress up your wardrobe basics 1

Urmi has teamed her basic cotton black tee with anti-fit black pants, with the uber-popular metal belt giving the outfit relief and also the illusion of overalls. We all have some black T-shirt or the other lurking in our wardrobes, and black and gold is the safest you can play. You can never go wrong with this look, and it works super-well if you are attending any of those commercial parties.

Alternatives for anti-fit pants: Black skirt/ Black shorts/ Black denims.

Alternatives for metal belt: Tan belt/ Any other solid-coloured belt. (Pro-tip: try colour-coordinating your shoes with the belt.)

2. Your Basic Whites

dress up your wardrobe basics 2

Team up your white blouse with your hot shorts, and throw on a cardigan on to take it a notch higher than just a tee-and-shorts ensemble. Add a statement neckpiece to make it even dressier. This look works for all those cosy house parties.

Alternatives for cardigan: Any good quality shirt, buttoned down.

3. The Casual Maxi Dress

dress up your wardrobe basics 3

Maxi dresses have become wardrobe staples. Hemal has worn her yellow casual maxi dress as a skirt by pairing it with a basic grey T-shirt, held in with a thin metal belt at the waist. Again, adding on some metal touches with the accessories and shoes makes the look dressier to suit the occasion. For people who are doing the sundowner scene, adding colour to your look is the trick.

Alternative for maxi dress: Long skirt/ Midi skirt.

4. A Basic Crop Tee and Jeggings

dress up your wardrobe basics 4

We all wanted to taste the crop top trend, so we’re sure that everyone has this in her wardrobe! Urmi teams this very casual crop top with yet another basic – jeggings- and a lycra black blazer. Adding up to a slightly formal kinda look, this one is a perfect go-to for a New Year’s do with your office. The statement earrings and the bun updo makes the look even chic-er!

Alternatives for crop top: Basic tops, tucked in or knotted at the side.

Alternatives for jeggings: Regular denims/ Palazzo pants/ Treggings.

dress up your wardrobe basics

We wish you all a belatedly Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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