The Fuller, The Better: This Viral Lip Lift Hack Will Give You A Plumper Pout In Seconds

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Nov 23, 2021
The Fuller, The Better: This Viral Lip Lift Hack Will Give You A Plumper Pout In Seconds


If you’ve ever marvelled at Kim K’s makeup, then you are a fan of Mario Dedivanovic’s work. The celebrity makeup artist and founder of the beauty brand Makeup by Mario knows his stuff. He has created many iconic looks over the years that we’ve strived to emulate, and recently he shared his secret makeup hack to mimic a ‘lip flip’.

The term lip flip has become synonymous with 2021’s wave of cosmetic procedures designed to achieve an of-the-moment pout. Whether you’re a fan of the look or not, plump, pouty lips are most certainly a trend right now. The subtle style of fullness is experiencing a surge in popularity and searches today. But, if you’re afraid of needles or you don’t want to spend a hefty amount on a lip flip, Dedivanovic’s makeup trick is an at-home dupe for the procedure. Mario Dedivanovic recently took to Instagram Live to create a makeup look on a model, and during the session, he revealed exactly how to overline lips to make them look fuller and lifted. Want to rock that Kardashian-esque pout? Keep scrolling to know the deets. 

This Lip Lift Hack Will Give You The Pout Of Your Dreams

Step 1: Slightly Overline Right Above Your Cupid’s Bow

To mimic this lift, Dedivanovic first overlines the middle of the upper and lower lip but follows the natural lines for the rest of the lip. This helps create an illusion of a more perky pout. The makeup artist said that if you overline the corners of your mouth, it actually pulls the lip down. Thus, you are not able to achieve that lifted look aka lip lift. 

Step 2: Follow The Natural Shape Of Your Lips Toward The Outer Corners

He starts out on the cupid’s bow area and then goes on to lean the brush and let the shape of the lip guide him. Mario said “I’m going right above the lip line. What this is going to do is instantly lift the lip up. What you do not want to do is overline the corner. Because what you’re doing here is going to make your face look sad.” It’s that easy.

Step 3: Fill In The Middle Using Your Favourite Lipstick

Once your lips are completely lined, you should notice a small difference – the centre of your lips will look slightly plumper. Then, grab a lipstick shade of your choice to fill in the middle. The hack will give you a poutier smile without making your entire lip look too heavy and full. If you’re opposed to injection, this hack will definitely fit into your budget a bit better. 

Step 4: Correct Any Errors

If you make any mistakes while lining your lips, it’s best to use a cotton tip to remove the product and start again. You can always dip a small flat brush into concealer and brush along the lip line to tidy up the liner. Mario recommends using a lip liner that isn’t overly creamy, as this can make the end result look a little blurred.

If You Want To Watch A tutorial On ‘Lip Lift’ Hack, Here’s One

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