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Just Like Kim K’s Booty! Here’s How To Give Yourself An At-Home ‘Butt Facial’

Just Like Kim K’s Booty! Here’s How To Give Yourself An At-Home ‘Butt Facial’

To add shape and volume to the booty, most women opt for two popular cosmetic surgery procedures – the ‘Brazillian Butt Lift’ and ‘Buttock augmentation’. Both these procedures cost a bomb and if it’s your first time, you may experience pain and discomfort. While the decision to go under the knife is entirely up to you, we recommend that you try a ‘butt facial’ at least once in your life. It’s inexpensive, pain-free and can be done in your very own home. 

Here’s How To Give Yourself A ‘Butt Facial’

Ready to give Kim K a run for her money? *Wink*

For The Love of Dry Brushing

Dry-brushing is a therapeutic beauty activity that involves firmly brushing the skin with a natural-bristle brush to increase blood circulation and exfoliate the skin. It’s meant to be done before a shower and doing it religiously for a couple of times during the week is bound to make the skin softer and smoother. When dry-brushing your booty, make sure you’re applying mild pressure and brushing in circular motions. 

Coffee To The Rescue!


It may take time for coffee to get rid of cellulite on the butt, but what it can do instantly is scrub off the dead skin cells. There are plenty of coffee scrubs in the market, but if you don’t already have one at home, you can make your own booty scrub from scratch. You just need to mix 1/2 cup of ground coffee beans with 2 tbsps of olive oil and that’s it! You’re ready to roll.

Massage That Booty

Just how we use face rollers and Gua Shas to get rid of lymphatic drainage on the face and neck, our booty deserves the same amount of love and attention. With the help of a full-body massager, we can depuff, massage and sculpt that booty to perfection

Slather On Some Booty Cream


Nowadays, they make a special cream for your booty too! If you have dark patches and boils on your booty, you need to invest in a product that’s lightweight and non-sticky. If the product is sticky and heavy, it could clog the pores and that can lead to breakouts and inflammation on the butt. When does one apply the booty cream, you ask? Post exfoliating and showering, of course!

Squats For The Win

No pain, no gain, ladies! At the end of the day, no matter how much you scrub, moisturise and dry brush your booty, you won’t get that perfect peach without exercising. Squats will help you get there. Try side-to-side squat jumps, donkey kicks, fire hydrants and glute bridges to shape that beautiful booty. 

And that is how you give yourself a ‘butt facial’. As mentioned earlier, the ‘butt facial’ is a slower route to getting a pretty butt as compared to going under the knife. However, it gets easier once you turn all the activities listed above into a lifestyle. 

Featured Image: Unsplash

04 Aug 2020

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