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Let’s Face It: Know The Shape Of Your Face & Pick The Right Hairstyles, Accessories & Neck

Let’s Face It: Know The Shape Of Your Face & Pick The Right Hairstyles, Accessories & Neck

Have you ever heard someone say that they have a round face or an oval face? Wondering how people come to such conclusions? There are six different face shapes and if you want to determine which one’s yours, then read this article. It will also help you learn about what hairstyles, sunglasses and jewellery complement what shapes.

How To Measure Your Face?

Before you get started, tie your hair into a ponytail. It’s not that hard, honestly! Get a regular ruler or inch tape, stand in front of a mirror and follow these steps:

  1. Start measuring the length of your face and note down the measurement.
  2. Divide the total length by 3 and name this number A.
  3. Measure the length from the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin and name it B.
  4. If B is larger than A, then chances are you have a long face.
  5. If B is less than A, then chances are you have a round face.
  6. If the B is equal to A, then chances are you have an oval face.

Different Types Of Face Shapes

There are six types of face shapes broadly. Here is the checklist to determine each shape.


Your forehead is rounded at the hairline.

The width and length of your cheekbones are similar.

Your jawline has rounded edges.

The length of your face essentially is the same as its width.

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Your hairline follows a straight line.

Your forehead is the same width as your jaw.

You have minimal curves to your cheekbones.

The sides of your face follow a straight line from your jaw to your forehead.

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The width of your forehead is smaller than the width of your cheekbones.

Your cheekbones are wider than your jawline.



The width of your forehead is smaller than the width of your cheekbones.

Your cheekbones are the widest part of your face.

You have a tall forehead.

Your face longer than it is wide.


Your forehead is wider than your jawline

Your cheekbones stand out more than your narrow chin

You have a V-shaped point in the hairline at the center of your forehead


Your forehead is almost the same width as your jaw.

You have a square resemblance but appear slightly longer.

Free Face Shapes Calculator Apps

Face Shape Meter

This app offers a simple and easy tool to identify your face shape from your picture.

Find Your Face Shape

This app helps you to identify your face shape and check a lot of different hairstyles that could match it. All you need to do is scan your face to identify your face shape and you can figure out in a matter of seconds what hairstyles would look good on you.

Facial Symmetry Pro

Determine the shape of your face by uploading an existing picture of yourself from your gallery.

Golden Ratio Face

This app allows you to know easily how symmetrical your facial structure is.

Facial Symmetry

The app allows users to check and determine their facial symmetry by accessing an image of their face.


Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

Ever wondered why bangs don’t look as good on you as they look on some celebrity? That’s probably because it’s not the ideal hairstyle for your face shape. Hair constitutes a major part of our look. A bad hair day can really dampen even a great outfit, just the way a bad haircut can put you in a bad mood. But fret not, we’re here to help you figure out the best hairstyles for your face shape.



Women with round-faces mostly face the problem of looking too chubby even if they’re not. If you have a round face, you must opt for haircuts for round face that make your face look leaner.

Best Hairstyles: Try to keep your hair longer. Go for long bangs, long bobs and shoulder-length hairstyles. Let your hair down for your face to appear slimmer.

Worst Hairstyles: Pixies, short bobs, blunt cuts and short curly hair are a big no for you. Also, avoid soft, wispy bangs.



If you are a square-faced woman then you’re very lucky because that makes you the most photogenic of all. When you decide to go to a salon or style your hair at home make sure to draw attention away from your extremely sharp and strong jawline.

Best Hairstyles: Go for curls or choppy ends as they make your face look cute. You can even go short because that’ll complement your face shape very well. In fact, you can even try a long bob. Those are excellent choices for this face shape because they can soften the jawline.

Worst Hairstyles: You must totally avoid one-length bob hairstyles especially chin-length and wide, blunt bangs as these will make your jawline look too angular. Slicked back looks should also be avoided.



Diamond-faced women can go for similar hairstyles to that of square-faced women.

Best Hairstyles: You must try long, sleek styles with layers that start at the jawline. Also, long side-swept bangs can take away attention from your angular jawline and focus on your eyes. In fact, styles that tuck in behind the ears also work well because they show off your wonderful cheekbone structure.

Worst Hairstyles: Avoid going short. No bobs and no edgy haircuts. And most importantly, avoid centre parting and too much volume at the top of your head.


Oval-faced women can slay in any look. They have the most common and versatile face shape that pull off almost any hairstyle. Be prepared to experiment!

Best Hairstyles: From beachy waves to an angular bob, you can try out any hairstyle that shows off your chin. You’d look great in slicked-back ponytails too.

Worst Hairstyles: Avoid a blunt cut and short curly hair. Also, steer clear of heavy bangs that can make your face look smaller.


Given your sharp chin, because of the inverted-triangle shape of your face, you must go for hairstyles that take away unnecessary attention from you pointy chin and bring it to your well-defined cheekbones. Women with heart-shaped faces often have a widow’s peak.

Best Hairstyles: You can go for side swept bangs or fringes till your eyebrows. You can nail the pixie haircut. In fact, a short bob too will look fantastic on you. Also, a deep side part with loose curls will look super elegant on you.

Worst Hairstyles: Avoid short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers and hairstyles with too much height at the crown. Also, never go for a middle parting.


If you have a rectangular-shaped face then you have to try to make your face look less elongated.

Best Hairstyles:  Try short-to-medium length hair. You can also try layers around the face to soften your angular features.

Worst Hairstyles: A straight bobbed hairstyle ending at the jawline is an absolute NO for your face shape.

Face Shapes And Makeup Tips

To look runway ready, you must get your makeup right! We all have different face shapes and to look flawless and camera ready, we must highlight and accentuate the right parts of our face. Some face shapes need to look slightly elongated and some needs to draw attention to their jawline. Here’s a guide to help you get the perfect look as per your face shape.


Eyebrows: Thicker brows will look great on you.

Nose: You have to make your face look more chiselled and sharp. So, take out a bronzer from your face makeup kit and apply it on the temples of your forehead and below the jawline. To draw attention away from your chubby cheeks, use a highlighter on your forehead, under your eyes your nose, and your chin.

Cheekbones: Avoid bright colours on the apple of your cheeks instead use a darker blush in an upward stroke with a makeup brush to give a slimming effect.

Lipstick: Go for darker shades that will highlight your lips distracting one’s attention from your chubby cheeks and round petite frame of the face.


Eyebrows: Avoid opting for well-defined brows no matter which shape you like to tweeze them into.

Nose: Apply a highlighter lighter than your skin tone in the centre of your forehead and under the tip of your chin and on the sides of your nose. Blend it well.

Cheekbones: Use a darker shade of blush to highlight your cheekbones and go for a softer shade on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: A bold red is your go-to colour to make your lips looks fierce.


Eyebrows: You can experiment with thin arch-shaped eyebrows.

Nose: You must aim at drawing attention to the centre of your face and away from your pointy chin. Use a highlighting powder or a liquid foundation on the forehead, at the bridge of your nose, and at the centre of the chin will do the trick for you.

Cheekbones: Accentuate your cheekbones by applying a bronzing powder or a foundation that is darker than your skin tone on the underside of your cheekbones.

Lipstick: Pick a vintage colour such as maroon and burgundy to give their look a bold yet retro edge that will be an add-on for their personality.


Eyebrows: Go a little mellow on your eyebrows. Keep the natural shape. Don’t overdo them by trying arched eyebrows as that will make your face appear more oval. Also, don’t make your brows too thick or too dark. Keep it simple.

Nose: Most women with oval face shape have a blunt nose. So, you have to make it look elongated and sleek. The trick to this is- bronzer. Apply the foundation on your face and then apply some bronzer on the side of your nose from the top to bottom to make your nose look sharp and well defined.

Cheekbones: Rouge can do wonders on an oval-shaped face because it will help make your face look less chubby. Apply blush on the contours and on the sides of your cheeks but avoid applying it on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: Never highlight your lips if you have an oval face cut. You can experiment with different shades of nude or even go for a glossy tint. These will accentuate your smile and blend well with your face making you look more attractive.




Eyebrows: Keep your brows neatly tweezed and try to keep thicker brows. Make sure to not let them look artificial on you. Keep the colour of the brows as it, only darken them for more impact.

Nose: The trick to looking pretty is by drawing attention to your jawline. So, go for a foundation which is a shade darker than your skin tone and apply it properly on your jawline. Use a highlighter at the centre of your chin, front of your forehead, and on top of your nose.

Cheekbones: Apply a bronzer to contour your cheekbones by tracing the hollow of your cheeks. Use a subtle shade of blush to the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: A fierce orange can spark up your entire look by giving you enough colour to make a buzz around. You can look gorgeous by just wearing the right colour at the right time and using a lip plumper to make your lips look bold.


Eyebrows: You must aim at making your face look slightly round. So, arch your eyebrows to make them stand out. Make them bold with a brow pencil so as to draw attention to your forehead than your long jawline.

Nose: Blunt the sharp edgy features like your nose. Apply a bronzer on the top of your nose bone. Instead of shadowing on the side of your nose.

Cheekbones: Must must play with two shades of blush on your cheeks. Apply light pink on the part of your cheeks that you suck in. This will help make your cheeks look plumper. Apply rose dark shade on the apple of your cheeks.

Lipstick: Soft colours like subtle pink will suit your face the most by making your face appear fuller. Such colours will give you more of a dewy look and will highlight all the attention on your lower face structure than the upper balancing out your entire face shape.

Face Shapes & Suitable Spectacles/Sunglasses

Ever wondered why do some eyeglasses look attractive on display in the optical shop, but not that great when you try them on? It could be that the frames are the wrong style for your face shape. So, here are some suggestions for you. Hope you get the right frame for your face shape.


You always keep aiming at finding the right angles in your chubbiness, don’t you? To make a round face appear thinner and longer, try angular narrow eyeglass frames to lengthen the face. Frames with a clear bridge, sharper edges and rectangular frames that are wider than they are deep also can be good choices. Make sure to avoid small, round and oversized shapes that will make your face appear rounder instead of giving the illusion of a longer face.

Best Frames: Rectangular, square, cat-eye and narrow frames.



Given your strong jawline and broad forehead, your main aim is to make a square face look longer and soften its angles. Rounded frames will help you achieve this while also working to lengthen the nose. Avoid thin, angular and square frames that will draw attention to your chin.

Best Frames: Round, oval, aviator and shield frames.


You are a rare being. You should always buy frames that help you soften the high cheekbones and highlight your eyes to offer more width and balance to your face. Try frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines. Always avoid narrow frames will draw attention to your evident protruding cheekbones.

Best Frames: Semi-rimless frames, rectangle, cat-eye and oval frames.


Well, congratulations! You have the perfect face shape. An oval face shape is considered to be ideal because of its balanced proportions. Though all frames will suit you, to keep your true oval shape, look for styles that are as wide as the broadest part of your face. And make sure to avoid frames with a small width that can make your face look narrow.

Best Frames: Walnut-shaped, wayfarers, aviators and over-sized frames.


We all know how a heart looks like, don’t we? It has a wide top and a narrow bottom. If you have a heart-shaped face to have to aim at reducing the apparent width of the top of the face. So, opt for frame shapes that are wider at the bottom. Avoid frames that are wider at the top, like a pilot or semi-rimmed glasses. These will draw attention to your broad forehead.

Best Frames: Thin, light-coloured frames and rimless frames with a light, airy appearance.


You have a face shape which is longer than it is wide and has a long, straight cheek line. Aim at making your oblong face appear shorter and more balanced. Go for frames that have more depth than width. Frames with decorative or contrasting temples also add width to the face. Avoid narrow and rectangular shapes will make your face appear longer.

Best Frames: Wide pilot style and square frames.

Face Shapes And Suitable Necklines

The right kind of neckline for your face shape can do wonders to your whole look. Whether you choose to cover up with a v-neck or sizzle in tube dress, necklines have the ability to make you appear classy and also lend an air of sophistication. Discover which necklines work for you, and which ones to avoid depending on your face shape.



Best Necklines: V-necks, Queen Anne, and Empire necklines, sweetheart, scoop necks and collared shirts.

Avoid: Boat neck, bateau, crew and scoop necklines




Best Necklines: V-neck, scoop, sweetheart and moderate cowl lines.

Avoid: Empire necklines




Best Necklines: Scoop and turtleneck.

Avoid: Round necklines




Best Necklines: Scoop, turtleneck and Nehru collar.

Avoid: Boat neck




Best Necklines: Boat neck, crew, off-the-shoulder and turtleneck

Avoid: V-neck, sweetheart, scoop, strapless and plunging necklines.



Best Necklines: Strapless, boat neck, off-the-shoulder and slight cowl necklines.

Avoid: V-neck, plunging and scooped necklines.


Face Shapes And Perfect Jewellery

Creating a focal point with your accessories is key as this is where attention will be drawn. Picking the right kind of jewellery will ensure that each piece will bring out your best features. It’s all about what you want to play up…or not! Looking for the perfect neck piece and set of earrings to complement your face shape? We have some suggestions for you.



Necklaces: Looping, matinee, long V style, and long T style.

Earrings: rectangle, trapezoid, and longer angular shapes



Necklaces: large components that hang fairly low and pendants with curved detailing.

Earrings: Large oval hoops, narrow chandelier, and long drops.



Necklaces: Chokers, a long string of pearls, low-hanging, collar and princess.

Earrings: Hoops, angular crystal cuts, triangle shapes, studs and teardrops.




Necklaces: Chokers, opera style, the matinee with drops, spheres, pearls, open link chains and affirmation rings.

Earrings: Hoops, chandeliers, teardrops and triangle shapes.



Necklaces: Choker, princess, collar lengths, rounded neck wires and short bib-styles.

Earrings: Triangular dangling earrings, hoops, curves, teardrops, triangles and other dangling space-filling designs.



Necklaces: Collar length, choker, princess lengths, large beads and rounded neck wires.

Earrings: Large buttons, rounded post styles, wide chandeliers, square, short drops and space-filling designs.

Celebrities With Different Face Shapes


Sonakshi Sinha

Madhuri Dixit

Parineeti Chopra



Mila Kunis

Emma Stone

Kate Winslet

Drew Barrymore

Carrie Underwood



Aishwarya Rai Bachchan



Athiya Shetty

Demi Moore

Janet Jackson

Mandy Moore

Ashley Judd


Malaika Arora Khan



Linda Evangelista

Felicity Huffman

Sophia Loren

Kim Raver


Priyanka Chopra



Alia Bhatt

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kangana Ranaut

Janhvi Kapoor

Julia Roberts

Cameron Diaz

Tyra Banks

Sandra Bullock

Sharon Stone


Deepika Padukone



Sonam Kapoor

Shilpa Shetty

Eva Longoria

Naomi Campbell

Mary-Kate Olsen


Anushka Sharma

Katrina Kaif


Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston

Sarah Jessica Parker

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: Unsplash and Instagram

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