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Bad Day? 21 Amazing Ways to Make Those Blues Go Away!

Is it one of those days when the universe is trolling you again? Do you feel like lashing out at your partner, your boss, or even your close peeps for no odd reason? Well, girl, take a deep breath – you’re having a crappy day. Here’s how to deal with it in the most optimistic ways possible! 🙂

1. Take a deep breath and hold it for 10 seconds!

Inhale, exhale and repeat. (Try it. It works!)

crappy day

2. Doodle whatever comes to your mind, or just pen your thoughts down.

Relax, you don’t have to be a Picasso or a Shakespeare.

3. Google images of adorable animals.

Don’t worry, they’re everywhere!

crappy day

4. Move to a cafe, sip on some strong coffee, and collect your thoughts.

Nothing else offers better solace than this.

5. Call your bestie up, and T.A.L.K!

What’s easier?

6. Give your mom a tight hug.

Because there’s no better feeling in the world than hugging your mum.

crappy day

7. Treat yourself to an exotic meal at your favourite restaurant.

Yep, you deserve it! Especially on blah days like these.

8. Grab a tub of ice-cream, put on a rom com movie and slouch on your couch.

Give it a shot! That feeling is heavenly.

crappy day

9. Tave a nice warm shower.

The epitome of bliss.

10. Take a power nap and read a good book after.

Leisure at its best.

crappy day

11. If you’re an animal lover, Youtube this funny cat and dog compilation video.

You can’t not giggle while watching these!

12. Pick up that sexy Zara dress that you’ve been eyeing on for oh so long.

Well, it’s high time you swipe that credit card. #JustSaying

crappy day

13. Order some good food, and share it with someone who can’t afford it.

Doing good, makes you feel good in return.

14. Pamper yourself at the salon by getting your nails done.

Relax, and enjoy the attention.

15. Listen to some great music, and make sure you sing your favourite tracks while you’re taking a shower.

Also ensure that you don’t disturb the neighbours.

crappy day

16. Stalk your crush on Facebook and drop him a text.

Who knows? He might be crushing on you too!

crappy day

17. Make yourself a hot mug of hot chocolate, and don’t forget to add those tiny marshmallows to it!

Believe it or not, chocolate always hits the spot.

crappy day

18. Log onto 9gag, and afford yourself a good laugh.

Only because they have all the funniest and trendiest videos in one place!

19. Call your partner, and talk. Even if you rant. Do it.

Because if you love each other, you will be available for one another come what may.

21. Blast the music and dance like no one’s watching.

Just don’t break a leg!

crappy day

Gif Courtesy: Giphy.comfuckyeahbollygifs.tumblr.com, s3-ec.buzzfed.combollypop.in

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06 May 2016

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