The Complete Guide On How To Curate Your Very Own Fragrance Collection, According To Experts

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Sep 9, 2021
The Complete Guide On How To Curate Your Very Own Fragrance Collection, According To Experts


This era of lockdown restrictions and online shopping is all fun and games until it comes to trying a new perfume out. With a myriad of new fragrance collection launches this year, it is getting restricting to stick to our old (yet trusted) fragrances. But buying any fragrance randomly without any deeper knowledge is a strict no-no! After all, perfumes are expensive and you definitely wouldn’t want to throw your money down the drain (literally). While we were desperately on the look for some answers, Abdulla Ajmal, perfumist & business mentor, NHA Division, Ajmal & Sons, and Ms. Astha Suri, Founder & Creative Director at Naso Profumi came to our rescue. Whether you are an avid collector or a complete fragrance newb, these two fragrance experts come bearing golden advice related to fragrance.

What is a broad classification of fragrances? 

“The category of fragrance can be broadly classified amongst Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Cologne, and Eau De Fraiche. Then, you obviously have your lighter versions like body mists, deodorant sprays, and whatnot,” Astha Suri answers.

According to Mr Ajmal, “If you wish to classify the types of fragrances in terms of families, you have fresh, floral, woody, and oriental. These are also very broadly classified and can be classified further like aquatic fresh, citrus fresh, and so on.”

How does one understand the fragrance notes in a perfume- in laymen’s terms? 

“When you apply any fragrance, the first whiff is the top note, what lingers on is the heart and what stays on your skin for the longest is the base. With a strong base, the heart and top notes can manage to power-play depending on skin,” Ms Suri tells us. “While all of this can be found online, you will be able to differentiate different notes and what type are they with experience,” says Mr Ajmal.

How can one find their signature scent?

Mr Ajmal says, “A signature scent is something that resonates with your personality, your style, and your overall being. The most common way to find one is by trying different scents you like, and maybe you’ll have your friends or family telling you that a particular fragrance matches your personality. Obviously, you can also identify your signature scent by your own liking.”

Ms Suri shines some light on the emotion associated with a signature scent, “A signature scent is something that uplifts your mood instantly. When you war that fragrance, you feel like the best version of yourself.” 

Mr Ajmal continues, “Anyway the concept of having a signature fragrance is very passe to today’s generation when everybody is excited to experiment with something new. But of course, there are a handful of consumers loyal to their favourite, keeping the idea of signature scents alive.”

What is the best way to classify the fragrances you already own? 

According to Mr Ajmal, there is no best way to classify or sort your fragrances out. He says, “You can definitely wing it. You can try to classify your fragrances by colour, fragrance family, or even occasion.”

How to make a suitable fragrance purchase online? 

Mr Ajmal tells us, “There are many things one should keep in mind while purchasing fragrances online. The first is the online description. Most fragrances come with a description of their fragrance notes, fragrance family, and sometimes mood when it comes to online shopping. For those who don’t, you can try to judge the fragrance by its colour. For example, a darker brown bottle would probably have an Oudh-y aroma, a blue bottle can be aquatic or fresh, white can be jasmine or something lightweight for day wear. But again, this is not a fragrance principle, just an unspoken rule of trade many brands follow.”

Ms Suri suggests, “Try investing in a sample kit and testing out at least 3-5 fragrances before locking in one big bottle – especially if it’s online. Go with your instinct of what appears to you, perfume is very instinctive. If something appeals to you just by words, it’s got its way to your heart already.”

Which one do you think can be your signature fragrance?

If this fragrance collection does not satisfy you, it’s a good thing that now you are well equipped with fragrance knowledge to find one on your own!

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