Keep It Simple, Silly: The Only Products You Need To Curate A Minimalist Makeup Bag

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Apr 12, 2021
Keep It Simple, Silly: The Only Products You Need To Curate A Minimalist Makeup Bag


The world of makeup can be so confusing sometimes, right? Like why are there so many ways to do your brows or why we need to use at least 5-7 products to create a no-makeup makeup look. However, if you are someone who believes in the less is more philosophy, we’ve got a list of products that can be used in many ways and look really pretty. Trust us, if you’re a minimalist then these are all the products you need in your pouch.

So, Let’s Curate A Minimalist Makeup Pouch Together


Let’s Talk About The Basics

We all know that our makeup journey begins with a primer and ends with us sealing the deal with a setting spray. But what if you could do both with one product?

Pick out a spray that you can use to prep your face for makeup as well as set the look in place. Sounds good, right?

Time To Lay The Foundation 

The next step is to use a foundation. Instead of applying foundation and concealer on your face, choose a high coverage foundation that holds the power to do both. Look at you, saving both space and money!

Base With A Shimmery Touch 

If you’re not a matte fan and prefer to keep your base looking dewy and glowing, then use a foundation infused highlighter to kill two birds with a stone. After all, who doesn’t like posting those sunkissed selfies?

Shimmy, Shimmy Yay! 

Add some glow and a pop of colour on your cheeks with a 2-1 blush + highlighter combo. You can only use the blush or the highlighter or mix ’em both for a shimmery touch on your cheeks, lids, or even on your lips (perfect for the holiday season).

Mix & Match

 Multiple lipsticks can take up so much space in your makeup bag, right? That’s where a lip palette comes in. You can totally create a custom lip colour, any time, anywhere!

Need Brown-ie Points For This One

 Why carry a contour product with you when a brown lipstick can do the same? Use a creamy brown shade to draw a 3 on your face (from forehead to cheeks to jawline) and dab it away using a makeup sponge. This will save you a lot of time and will give you those *Kareena wale cheekbones* in no time.

Tinted Love

 A lip and cheek tint is an excellent makeup essential to keep with you at all times. You can use it to add a flush of colour to your cheeks, nose, lips, and even lids. On the days you don’t feel like using multiple products, use your tint all over your face for an instant update.

Clearl-ly Genius

 Cannot decide between choosing your mascara and your brow product to fit in your makeup bag? we have got the perfect solution. A clear mascara is all you need to add some volume to your lashes as well as keeping those brows in place! 

After doing your entire makeup, just spritz your face with setting spray to seal your makeup and you’re done, baby!

Featured Image: Pexels