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Be A Glow-Getter: How To Combine Liquid & Powder Highlighter Like A Pro!

Be A Glow-Getter: How To Combine Liquid & Powder Highlighter Like A Pro!



Highlighters are a beauty maven’s best friend. Both liquid and powder highlighters have the power to give the skin a bright, luminous finish. While most of us like to stick to one kind of highlighter formula, others may like to combine the two of them. We encourage you to give the latter a shot. Combining both a liquid and a powder highlighter is an art and today, we’re going to teach you how to master it! Before we share this makeup trick, we understand the difference between a powder and a liquid highlighter. 

What’s The Difference Between Powder & Liquid Highlighter?

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First things first, their textures are poles apart! One is in a liquid form, and the other comes in a compact powder form. Compared to powder highlighters, liquid highlighters have a more concentrated and pigmented formula. Powder highlighters are known to deliver a subtle, sheer and shimmery finish. You can either stick to one formula or combine the two. Let’s learn how to ace the latter. 

How To Combine Liquid & Powder Highlighter Like A Pro?

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Now that you know what makes these two makeup products different from each other, we will teach you how to combine the two. After you’ve applied foundation, dot some liquid highlighter on your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, brow bone and the bridge of your nose. In a dabbing motion, use your fingers or a beauty sponge to blend the liquid highlighter in your skin. Then, spray some setting spray on your face and after five minutes, apply a powder highlighter over the liquid highlighter using a fan brush. 

Note: Since the liquid highlighter is more pigmented than a powder highlighter, use only a little powder highlighter product. The aim is to create a fresh and natural glow. A little goes a long way when using these two products together. 

It’s as easy as that! Another makeup tip we’d like to share–if you’ve got dark circles or puffy eyes, dot a little bit of liquid highlighter on your under-eye area. Do the same on the inner corners. This makeup trick will not only brighten up the under-eye area but also make you look more awake and fresh.

Ready to get that glow? 

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02 Nov 2020

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