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Shopping 101: The Right Way To Buy The Best Perfume For You!

Shopping 101: The Right Way To Buy The Best Perfume For You!

Whether you’re a first-timer or a fragrance aficionado, buying a new perfume is a sort of investment, it’s only natural then that you want to make sure that you made a perfect choice. Picking up a bottle of perfume for your bestie or yourself may not be one of your finest skills and it’s not as simple as it may seem. There’s a lot of trial and error involved and you need to make splurging choices based on research. However, I do know of ways to help you get there quickly. By knowing the basics, you can be one step closer to finding yourself or a friend’s signature scent. Here’s to making smarter shopping choices!

1. Know Your Comfort Notes


If you’re new to fragrances or are just really confused by all the options available, you might want to start slow. Soft tones of florals, musk and vanilla are your best bet! The beauty is that anyone can pull these scents off without worrying if they may come off too strong or too subtle. 

2. Stay Away From Woody Scents

It may not be a smart choice to invest in a perfume that gives off a woody scent if you’re not sure about it. Earthy notes can be too overpowering for some and they may not appreciate a gift as bold as this one yet. It’ll be easier to sniff on a tester first before buying a woody scented perfume. If it’s for someone special, do a bit more research about their likes before taking a call. 

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3. Keep One’s Preference In Mind

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One easy way to buy a friend or a colleague a perfume is to keep that person’s interests in mind. If they’re close to nature and outdoor activities like hiking and gardening, you should go for floral or woody scents. For a person that enjoys spending time at the beach then marine, cedarwood and musky notes are what you need to keep an eye out for. And, a person who’s close to their feminine side should try perfume notes like grapefruit, vanilla, rosemary and so on. 

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4. And The Age Group…

Older folks are quite picky when it comes to selecting perfumes. They’ve experienced too much and over a period of time have found their signature scents. Younger crowd, on the other hand, are open to experimenting with different perfume scents. Most of them are still in the process of finding their own style and scents so they’re open to trying almost any type of perfume. 

5. What’s Trending?


If a perfume has a good user rating or is considered to be a bestseller, pick it up! If it’s popular among the crowd, you or your friend are bound to love it too. If you’re still confused on what to get your friend, gift them a candle! Trust me, everyone LOVES candles. 

6. Think Beyond Packaging 

Just because a perfume looks good, it doesn’t guarantee that it will smell good on you. Like I said before, do your research. Read up on reviews and watch videos. Visit several perfume shops and keeping trying testers – you’ll eventually find a scent that’s perfect for you or a friend in no time.

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09 Jan 2019

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