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14 Breezy Picks To Build A Capsule Summer Wardrobe While Staying #VocalForLocal

14 Breezy Picks To Build A Capsule Summer Wardrobe While Staying #VocalForLocal

So we are currently in the fourth phase and on day 73328423974329 of lockdown in India. And distressing as the current situation is, we finally have something to rejoice about: both essential, as well as non-essential e-commerce goods, can now be delivered across the country now. And you know what that means right? We can finally build our summer wardrobes, something that we have all been waiting for!

But, before we dive headfirst into a crazy shopping spree, there are few things that we need to contemplate upon. The fashion industry today is not exactly how we left it before the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic. With some of the biggest fashion giants across the globe declaring bankruptcy, it becomes crystal clean that fashion has taken its share of the hit from the crisis.

While it’s the International brands that have shut shop right now, it is the small artisans and workers (most of them located in Asia) who are taking the brunt of it all. To add to it, small, homegrown businesses face a huge crisis right now, especially the enterprises that rely on ethical and sustainable business practices for the production of their goods. 

Before you get too distressed, here’s a powerful thought for you to ponder upon: fashion has changed, not diminished when we talk of its value. And, now, more than ever it gives the consumers the power to change lives. The message is loud and clear, it is time to go #vocalforlocal, a small thought that literally has the power to change lives, transform the fashion industry in India, and elevate it with purpose and meaning. 

Long things short, shop all you may right now, do it with a sense of purpose though. Also, our lives and summer wardrobes can definitely do with a little cheer and it would be a shame to deny ourselves the joys of some retail therapy! Now without much ado, how about we work together towards the creation of a capsule summer wardrobe that’s fun, breezy, and all things sustainable? Read on:

Summer Dresses And All Things Dreamy

Think of summer dresses as the sartorial equivalent of a nimbu soda on a hot, humid day and you’d know how vital they are to a capsule summer wardrobe. Fabric and silhouette are the keys to the perfect summer picks. Go for loose, drop-waist dresses that let you breathe through a day. Also, while you are at it, choose versatile pieces that can easily translate from a workwear attire to a romantic date outfit with a few tweaks here and there. Lastly, the fabric is everything and you got to be kidding me if you opt for anything beyond cottons and linens. Brands like Fabindia, Nicobar, and Doodlage have some gorgeous summer picks right now and here are a couple of dresses that you might like:

Structured Tops

No capsule wardrobe is complete without a couple of versatile tops and we know exactly what you need this summer: all things wrap along with a sprinkling of fun, juicy prints to break the monotony. Trust me, you don’t want complicated, overwhelming stuff right now. Go for clean cuts, subtle prints, and go for a semi-formal appeal. This way, even the lightest of apparel will appear well put up and dressy. Here are a few picks that we really like:

Airy Pants For Days

While you might be tempted to pick up a pair of shorts or two, with the scorching summer sun, it is your pants that will take you through the season. And while cigarette pants look obviously classy, it is culottes that we are eyeing right now. Didn’t we say we were opting for breezy outfits? Here’s are some gorgeous styles for you to pick from:

Skirts For Summer? Groundbreaking!

And now that we talked about cousin culottes, it’s only fitting that we talk about skirts, the apparel basics that inspired pants to go that breezy in the first place. From boho wraparounds to chic skater prints, everything is game this summer and we are totally going to get our fills. Here is what we liked on the web:

Versatile Layers

When it comes to summer, while we shop with a minimalistic, fuss-free approach, the fact is that we are doing it wrong if we go about it sans any cover-ups or capes. Think of soft, cotton capes, that sway with the breeze as you walk and wrap around you comfortingly when the sun’s too harsh. Yes, just that! Here’s what you can explore:

Cotton Anarkali For The Summer Time Parties

Attending summer functions can be quite a task, especially in the extremely hot and humid months of June and July. But in case, just the thought of dressing up and showing at summer functions just saps the joy out of you, then you are doing it wrong! Fashion should never kill your vibe and this is exactly why we need nice, cotton anarkalis for all our summer, festive needs. Here are a few basics: pick cotton, go pastel, and win hearts! Here’s what we have found for you:


Indian summers provide us with just the right opportunity to explore the cotton weaves and my recent exploration of the same has me rather transfixed. Cotton sarees are the epitome of summer dressing and there’s just no way you can call your capsule wardrobe complete sans these beauties in your arsenal. Here’s what’s elevating our hearts with joy right now:

Now, that was some retail therapy right there, correct? Happy shopping fam!

Featured Image: Instagram

20 May 2020

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