How To Break Up With Him, Without Breaking His Heart

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016


A heartbreak is a painful experience to go through. While being at the receiving end of a break-up hurts, being the one to break it up is no easy task either! You don’t want to break someone’s heart, after all. However, if you do think it’s time to move on, here are a few things to keep in mind, in order to NOT break his heart completely!

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1. Don’t spring it on him out of the blue

If you’re going to do it when he’s least expecting it, there is no way you won’t break his heart. Tell him in advance that you’ve been feeling a little disconnected and that you “need to talk”. Breaking up with him when he thinks everything is perfect in your relationship is just brutal!

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2. Make sure to do it in person

Seriously, how would you like it if someone called, texted, emailed OR worse, changed their status on Facebook to let you know that they no longer wanted to be with you! Extend him the courtesy of hearing it from you in person.

3. Break it to him gently

No blame games, yelling, bringing up past fights and issues while you’re trying to end things with him, please! Don’t just do or say things because you’re trying to get even. This is assuming that he hasn’t actually done something that caused the breakup in the first place. Whatever the issue might be, tell him in an as nice and calm a manner as possible.

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4. Don’t give him excuses he knows are not true

Again, unless he did something terribly wrong, don’t insult his intelligence. If he is a nice enough guy, and the reason you’re breaking up is because you think he’s not the guy for you or feel the lack of a spark, be honest and tell him that. Save him the pain of thinking what he did wrong forever!

5. Do NOT say that you’ve met someone better

If one of the reasons you’re breaking up with him is because you’ve met someone else who you think you could have a much better connection with, don’t tell him that! Seriously, nothing can break a man’s heart more than knowing that the girl that he’s with actually fancies someone else! Spare him the nightmare.

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6. Give him a chance to talk

He will want to speak his mind too. Let him. Don’t just say your bit and be ready to make a dash for it. Allow him to say what he feels about the situation and the relationship the two of you shared. He needs his closure too!

7. Don’t stretch the conversation more than is required

There is a good chance he just wants to be left alone for a while after you’ve broken it to him. Don’t keep stretching the conversation because you haven’t said or heard enough yet. If you’ve told him you need to breakup, and the both of you have agreed, don’t keep pulling him back into conversation.

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