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#ShakeItOff: 9 Ways To Beat Those Monday Morning Blues!

Lamya BhatriLamya Bhatri  |  May 5, 2016
#ShakeItOff: 9 Ways To Beat Those Monday Morning Blues!


Monday (or the mere thought of it) can be gruesome. Especially mornings. Arrrgghh! After a laid back weekend, the hardest thing to do is to drag yourself out of bed and get to work on the first day of the week. Then there are the crazy thoughts of all those unfinished tasks you brushed under the carpet on Friday. Hmm. Chill! Turn the tables and win over those Monday morning blues with these super easy ideas…

1. Sleep well

monday blues 3

Keep all your dinner plans and late night parties for Friday and Saturday nights. Go to bed a little early on Sunday’s and be sure to get enough sleep. That way you won’t have to hit the snooze button too often and you will wake up feeling well-rested.

2. Start early

Just by waking up 15 minutes before your scheduled time, you won’t feel trapped by the passing minute. Take time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, do some exercises, or go for a walk – seriously, it will make you feel more focussed the rest of the day.

3. Dress up

monday blues 1

Wear an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. Pair your favourite dress with some chic earrings and a fab pendant from Mia.  Trust us, there is nothing like some pretty, sparkly jewellery for an  instant mood lift! Feel good about yourself – show off your charismatic personality.

4. Keep it light

Never push everything for Monday. Go easy on your schedule and keep your appointments and to-do list to a minimum so that you don’t feel anxious about getting to work.

5. Off the beaten track

monday blues 2

Take the more scenic route to office. If it’s going to take you longer, start early. Trust us, you will enjoy the change of scene and it will give you a chance to ruminate on the beauty of life: perfect anecdote for any kind of blues.

6. Hit the right note

Everyone knows how music can be a great stress buster. Pop on a playlist that gets you in a fab mood instantly. If your office allows headphones, listen to some numbers while you work; else, crank up your car stereo or phone/iPod on the way to work.

7. Tasty treats

monday blues 4

Don’t add to your blues by planning a starting-from-Monday diet. Stay happy and cheerful and indulge in that double chocolate chip muffin along with your regular cappuccino. It will make you happy you…promise!

8. Happy hours

Have a post-work plan that you can look forward to.  Catch up with an old colleague, go book shopping or make it a movie night. Express pedicure…why not?

9. Spice up

Your desk is where you spend most of your time in a day – make it a happy place. Get a plant or buy yourself fresh flowers. Add pictures of your favourite people in the world. Keep a jar of candies handy. Stock books or magazines for a quick reading break. Create a corner that makes you smile.

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