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The Orry Way: A ‘Liver’s’ Guide To Everyday Luxuries

The Orry Way: A ‘Liver’s’ Guide To Everyday Luxuries

Orry has been one name at the tip of everyone’s tongue. A fashionable rich man who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. From the Ambani twins’ birthday party to every Diwali bash over the past month, if there’s a party, there’s Orry. I feel like if one man can go to so many parties (back to back) and make it the foundation of his fame, then he really knows how to live it up. And therein lies his credibility of being, as he says, ‘a liver‘.

The main thing Orry’s media omnipresence has taught us this season is to stop taking yourself, and your surroundings so seriously. But sometimes, life gets in the way, right? When you don’t get that promotion, vacation, or your favourite lipstick breaks, you need a little something more than to keep ‘living’. So here are five ways to make sure you’re still ‘living’ it up despite all the hurdles life throws at your face.

5 Ways To Just….Keep On Living

Just Buy The Damn Makeup

That’s it – that’s the first rule. Here are a few products I’ve been loving recently.

Pamper Your Feet

Okay hear me out, this is such a self-care game-changer! Get a bucket, some hot water and some bath salts if you have any lying around. Dip your toes in for twenty minutes and read. It’s a little extensive since you have to carry the bucket from your bathroom to somewhere you can sit, but totally worth it! I recommend using a scrub after soaking, wash it off, and follow with a luscious moisturiser!

Indulge In Some New Bath Products

If there is something that considerably cheers me up and makes life worth living, it’s opening up a new body wash. I love my collection of 20 products on the bathroom shelf and here are a few of my favs. Trust me when I say there’s nothing better than smelling like a big old bouquet after a long day.

Send Your Friends Something

Gift giving is my love language and I can honestly say I like gifting gifts more than receiving them. We’re currently in the middle of some really insane sales right now and you can find all the information for those, here. In case you’re a little lazy, here are a few products that make for great gifts.

Get Some New Bedtime Accessories

Satin pillowcases, a sleeping mask, a humidifier, or a white noise machine. You probably don’t need all of these but one or two are enough to make you look forward to getting those 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Embracing the ‘liver’ lifestyle à la Orry isn’t just about attending the most happening parties or basking in the limelight, it’s about finding joy in the little luxuries and self-care rituals that life has to offer. So let yourself off the hook and indulge in a little expensive self-care. Trust me, they really make life worth living.

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27 Nov 2023

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