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#BeautyBasics: The Right Way To Apply Setting Powder To Lock In Your Base

#BeautyBasics: The Right Way To Apply Setting Powder To Lock In Your Base



Setting powder is a Godsend and people with oily skin can attest to it. It locks in the foundation and concealer in place and avoids creasing. However, now that the festive season is here and you’re going to be dancing all night there are a few dos and don’ts about the product that you should know. 

Trust us once you read more about the product, it’ll be a staple on your makeup vanity.

Why Should You Apply Setting Powder?


Think of setting powder as the last step of your base. It increases the wear time of your makeup and you won’t have to touch-up or reapply every few hours. It also helps to give your skin a more airbrushed look which photographs really well. For people with oily skin, setting powder helps in keeping the foundation in place even when the excess sebum on your skin tries to melt it off. 



The thing with setting powders is that you don’t have to use a lot of product. The amount you use does depend on the type of finish you want- matte or dewy, if you have oily or dry skin, and the weather of the place you are. All of these factors could cause your cream products to melt off your skin and that’s where setting powders come to the rescue. 

Here’s how to apply a setting powder:

  • Tap a little loose setting powder on your container lid and fold your powder puff in half and pick up some of the product.
  • To make sure that your entire puff is coated evenly with the product, press it into the powder and then tap off the excess. 
  • Then press and roll the puff into your skin. Keep in mind to not rub too hard because otherwise, you could remove the foundation from underneath.
  • If you have oily or combination skin, focus on areas like the T-zone, around the mouth and chin where your base tends to slip.

Some Dos And Donts You Should Keep In Mind

Buy The Right One For You


Loose setting powders come in two types- transparent and coloured. Coloured are used to correct tone, brighten the face, and correct redness while transparent ones are used for just keeping the foundation in place. For beginners, translucent powders are probably the safest bet since they don’t change the color of the foundation and don’t add coverage.



Don’t Use One That Weighs You Down


When you try out the product you want to get make sure it sits light on your skin. If it looks too heavy, it could make your base look thick and cakey.

Blend In Your Foundation Well Before Setting It


The trick to making your base look seamless and natural is blending in your foundation. If you feel like a brush isn’t doing the trick go in with a damp beauty sponge and dab it in. Applying loose setting powder after that will feel like a dream.

Don’t Wait For Your Foundation To Completely Dry Before Applying Setting Powder


You’ll get a more seamless and skin-like finish when you apply setting powder while your foundation is still a little wet. After you press in the product into your skin, you’ll see that they both blend extremely well together and give your makeup a smoother finish.

Here Are Some Setting Powders To Add To Your Cart

Let’s get blending!


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22 Oct 2020

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