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Swipe (It) Right: Liquid Eyeshadows Are Your Answer To Stunning, Mess-Free Eye Makeup

Swipe (It) Right: Liquid Eyeshadows Are Your Answer To Stunning, Mess-Free Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an art. As much as we love creating a colourful, visual canvas on our eyes, we all know that the entire process is sometimes way too messy and cumbersome. You start from setting the base, apply multiple shadows on the lid, blend it to perfection and then give the final touch by applying lashes and mascara. You can set it all you want, but it is prone to creasing. And don’t even get me started on the fallout! Your entire mehnat can be ruined if the powder shadows have already marked their territories on your face!

But not with a liquid eyeshadow. Just swipe it on your eyes, let it dry for a few seconds and your glam lids are ready to be shown off.

Why You Should Swipe It Today!

Liquid eyeshadows are a godsend for us makeup freaks. If you swipe it right, you’re doing alright!

The entire process hardly takes up time.

– Just close your lids. Apply a base or an eye primer if you really want to take the colour up a pop.

– Use a liquid shadow to apply it directly to your lid. Dab it using your finger, if necessary.

– Let it dry for a few seconds and voila, it is THAT easy!

Just one swipe of the liquidy makeup product on your eyes and you’re good to go–right? Well, not really. Don’t get me wrong, they are an excellent way to add a drama to your eyes and also make doing a cut crease seem like a cakewalk but (there’s always a but!) it is certainly not for everyday use. Here’s why:

– They are much more expensive than your regular powder and cream shadows.

– If they dry up in its component, there’s literally no way to use them.

– The blending is not easy, unless you’ve applied only one coat or it is still a little wet on your eyes.

– Not many plain jane shades are available. Usually, liquid eyeshadows are used to enhance an eye look, do a cut crease or used as a topper.

– It is not easily blendable with powder/cream eyeshadows or in general.

– If you’ve used it on top of your lids, make sure you have a steady hand otherwise you have to wipe, wipe, wipe it down, and start over again.

Honestly, the cons list is not too bad, considering how much easier it actually makes our life. Here’s how you can make the most of your liquid eyeshadows:

– If possible, only use liquid eyeshadow on your lids. Apply 2-3 coats for maximum effect.

– The more colourful, the better. There’s a plethora of options to play with–mattes (thank you, Huda Kattan!), glitter, holographic and even metallic. 

– Just apply your shadow on your lids, let it dry and finish your look with some falsies or a cat-eye and you’re good to go.

– They are super long-lasting. So you don’t have to worry about touching up or even about creasing.

I personally believe that the introduction of liquid shadows has been pretty revolutionary so far. It has completely changed the way we do eye makeup. You can do a stunning eye look in a matter of minutes in a moving car or even seconds before your big date.

Here are some must-haves you need in your makeup bag.

Ready to swipe right and find your ultimate match? ❤️

Featured Image: Instagram

17 Jun 2020

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