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Coffee, Concealer & Confidence: Follow These Steps To Perfect Your Base Makeup

Coffee, Concealer & Confidence: Follow These Steps To Perfect Your Base Makeup

Concealers are the magic wand of the beauty world — when used correctly. Just a little bit of this product can immediately camouflage your dark circles, redness, acne, etc. and give you a flawless, clear base. But to achieve perfection, you need to apply it right. If you’ve noticed a prominent light cast on your face after applying concealer or your dark circles are still visible, then chances are you either have the wrong shade, or your application technique is incorrect. Knowing how to apply concealer is makeup 101 and if you’re a newbie when it comes to using this product or you can’t seem to master the skill, don’t give up hope just yet! To make things easier for you, we’ve broken down and simplified each step. Now all you need is just a little time and a whole lot of practice if you want to achieve a flawless base just like Jeffree Star! So, start taking notes, your concealer 101 class is in session.

The Right Way To Apply Concealer

These 5 steps will put you on the path to achieving a smooth base.

Step 1: Prep & Prime

Prep & Prime your face


It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a full glam look or taking the minimal route, prepping and priming your face before applying concealer or any other makeup product is vital. Before applying concealer, first, make sure your face is cleansed, toned, moisturised and primed.

Step 2: Don’t Skip Colour Correcting

Many people think that this is optional, but using a colour corrector on your problem areas before applying concealer helps with the masking process. Colour correctors come in shades of green – to cancel out redness, pink – to hide dark spots and dullness, purple- to cancel out yellowness, red – to hide dark circles on dark skin and orange to cover dark spots, bruised skin, and dark circles. For those with medium to deep complexions, red or orange hues work best. Remember a little goes a long way while applying colour correctors, so just dabbing a couple of dots on the problem area is more than enough.

Step 3: Apply Your Concealer Correctly

Apply Your Concealer Correctly


There’s no problem in using your finger to dab on the concealer. This product will go above your colour corrector and once you’re done dotting your face, you can use a concealer makeup brush to evenly spread the product. When you’re done, take your beauty blender, dampen it and blend in all the product to get a beautiful finish.
Remember, the best way to cover up dark circles is by creating an inverted triangle below your eyes with your concealer and blending it well.

Step 4: Proceed To Your Foundation

Proceed To Your Foundation


Once you’re done with your concealer go ahead and apply foundation and spread it all over your face. Whether you choose a liquid, cream, or powder formula, apply it evenly to create a smooth, blank canvas for the rest of your makeup. After applying foundation, go ahead and set it all in with a translucent powder. Dab a little extra powder on the areas where you applied your concealer. This will help it stays on longer.

Step 5: Complete The Rest Of Your Makeup

Complete The Rest Of Your Makeup



Of course, your makeup doesn’t end after translucent powder. Once you’ve perfected your base and hidden your dark circles, acne and other problem spots with concealer, go ahead and apply your blush, bronzer, eye makeup and lipstick to create an effortless makeup look.

Common Concealer Mistakes To Avoid

1. Just like picking the right foundation shade, it’s equally important to pick the right concealer shade as well. If you can’t swatch the product before buying it or you’re shopping online, then always go for a concealer that’s only one shade lighter than your foundation.

2. If you feel like your concealer is too dry or difficult to blend, mix it with a bit of foundation. This will help it spread easily and provide a smoother, and more even finish.

3. Do not skip your eye cream. Since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more prone to dryness, before applying colour correctors and concealer, always apply a bit of eye cream to hydrate the skin and boost circulation. This will also make the application process so much easier.

Getting your base makeup to look smooth and seamless with the help of your concealer isn’t difficult when you follow these easy steps.

Featured Image: Pexels

22 Sep 2020

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