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Curly Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Tried & Tested Ways To Add More Volume To Your Crown

Curly Hair, Don’t Care: 5 Tried & Tested Ways To Add More Volume To Your Crown

Curls are a super underrated hairstyle. Anyone who has naturally curly hair and complained about them probably doesn’t know how to look after them correctly. We don’t blame you, there are many types of curly hair out there, but all of them have a common problem – root volume. For most of us, our curls are flat on top, but voluminous at the ends. It’s about time we do something about it!

How To Add More Volume To Your Crown

Remember, it’s about trial and error with curly hair. From all the tips we’re going to list below, we’re sure one or more of these methods will work for your curls.

1. The More Layers, The Better

Curls have the tendency to weigh the hair down if not trimmed for a long time. This happens because of the lack of layers on top. The next time you go for a haircut, ask your hairstylist to add more layers. Not only will your hair instantly become voluminous, but will also feel lighter. 

2. Try the squish to condish method!

woman twisting damp hair


A cool curly hair rinsing method would be to flip your hair upside down and gently twist your hair from the ends to the scalp. Repeat for 2-3 times and towel-dry your hair. 

3. Hair plopping for the win!

Do you want to know why the hair plopping methods work for curly hair? It’s because when your mane is wet, your curls become smooth, soft and defined. What you have to do is that after you come out of a shower, scrunch out excess water and apply a leave-in conditioner. Then, flip your hair forward, place it in the centre of a tee and wrap the tee around your curls. It should look like a turban. The t-shirt helps to soak all the moisture out from the curls, keeps the frizz at bay and cuts down drying time. You got to try it to believe it!

4. Never make a middle parting

side profile of curly hair woman


Don’t make a middle parting when your curls are damp. Just leave your curls to air dry. For that extra bounce and volume, gently flip your hair from side to side during the day. 

5. Diffuse the situation

If none of these methods works, a diffuser will. Flip your damp hair upside down, mist your curls with a thermal protectant and lift a section of your curly hair into the diffuser. Always turn the hairdryer on low as too much of heat will cause harm to the curls. Remember to stop when your hair is 80% dry. Allow the rest of the curls to air dry as this will make them more bouncy and glossy. 

And finally, to add more fluff, run your fingertips through your hair to add create more volume. 

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03 Sep 2020

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