Go Green: 6 Fun Ways To Reuse The Packaging Of Your Beauty Products Once You’ve Hit Pan

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 4, 2021
Go Green: 6 Fun Ways To Reuse The Packaging Of Your Beauty Products Once You’ve Hit Pan


It’s no secret that we’re head over heels obsessed with trying the latest and greatest in beauty. However, with our love for hoarding beauty products comes a problem: our lax approach to recycling. TBH, we’re all guilty of throwing a shampoo bottle or two in the general bin out of laziness, and we’ve all ditched an old lipstick tube, unsure as to whether it is recyclable at all.

If you are a beauty junkie just like us, putting your old products to use will not only make your vanity a little more gorgeous but will help save the environment too. Not feeling crafty? Don’t fret as we’re listing down the best ways to repurpose your old makeup containers. 

6 Hacks To Use Your Beauty Products Beyond It’s Shelf Life


Make An Oil Diffuser From A Perfume Bottle

Give that empty perfume bottle on your dresser a second life by turning it into an oil diffuser. It’s a perfect container to make your own pretty diffuser that will not only add a decorative touch to your room but will also fill it with a long-lasting aroma. Just pull off the spray nozzles and any other metal piece adjoined to the neck of the bottle, paint the skewers with acrylic paint if you wish to hide the logos. Then, add diffuser oil and arrange sticks and your diffuser is ready to work its magic.

Old Liquid Eyeliner As A Nail Art Pen


Calling out our fellow manicure lovers! If you love indulging in good nail art, it’s time to up your recycling ante and make the best use of your old liquid eyeliner brush. All you need to do is: take the brush out, clean it to get rid of any residual liner, and yay, you can now dip it in the trendiest hues and give yourself a ‘gram-worthy manicure.

Empty Scrub Containers To Hold DIY Products

Want to take your recycling effort to the next level? If you are a DIY aficionado, forget those pricey products. Instead, indulge in DIYs and store your beauty recipes in empty scrub or hair mask containers. You can store your DIY body polish, face scrub, or a moisturizer in gorgeous makeup jars.

Shampoo Bottles Into A Brush Holder


Shampoo bottles are the most versatile of containers. Our favourite way to recycle it is by using it as a brush holder. Not only would it help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our landfills, but we’d also reduce our carbon footprint. All you need to do is cut the empty bottle a few inches from the bottom. Dull the cut edges, you can also paint the bottle if you would like, and voila your brush holder is ready.

Keep Pills In Old Lipstick

Yes, you heard it right. Wanna know how? Simply scrape out the remaining lipstick and pop in your dose for the day. Old lipstick tubes make gorgeous repurposed makeup containers and are great substitutes for those boring, bulky, and intimidating pillboxes.

Turn Jars Into Chic Pot For Your Plants


Small plants, like succulents and air plants, are perfect for adding greenery to your desk or your nightstand. The best thing about most small potted plants is that they can fit in almost any corner of your home. Simply fill these jars with potting mix, moss, miniature forget-me-nots, or violas. Opt for plants with tiny roots and water regularly. You can even colour the jar from the outside to add a bit of quirk.

Yay! It just got easier to recycle our beauty products!

Featured Image: Pexels