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#StayFit: How Not to Put On Weight After You Get Married

The wedding madness is finally over – the long hours you spent at the gym paid off, you looked fabulous in your gorgeous lehenga, you wore the cutest outfits while honeymooning in Mauritius, and are just about settling into wedded bliss. That is until you step on the scale and boom, it reads 5 pounds heavier. Does this sound like an altogether familiar scenario?

In fact, according to one particular research, newly married women in their early 20s gain an average of 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage and men in the same age group gain an average of 30 pounds during the same time. No doubt, it is hard to avoid this, but definitely not impossible. We give you some easy and practical ways to help you avoid any post-wedding weight gain!

Sweat It Out

1. Finding some “me” time

Embarking on this new chapter of life, it’s easy to put yourself on the back-burner. Find some time to focus on yourself and your well being. Get moving, exercise – build up some sweat.

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2. Schedule a workout time

It helps to have a “etched in stone” time for working out. Choose a time of day and mark your calendar. For work and everything else in life, we adhere to our appointments and meetings, then why should fitness be any different?

3. Look for alternatives

Don’t just abandon the idea of working out because you cannot possibly go to the gym. Instead, try some Zumba at home or invest in a Wii game console.

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4. Get him involved

Try and get your partner involved in some sort of physical activity. If lazing around on the couch is more of his thing and you really need to cajole him into it, pick something that doesn’t seem so tedious. For beginners, how about a short walk around your block post-dinner?


5. Have fun

Why don’t you compete against your better half in a game of badminton? Or go out for a fun bowling date? Make it competitive – set a health-related goal, like training for a marathon.

6. Couples day out

Instead of meeting another newly-married couple for dinner, arrange for a hiking trip or an afternoon of playing Frisbee. The usual dinners and restaurants does get monotonous, doesn’t it?

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Eat Right

1. Date night does not have to revolve around food

Think of creative ways to relax, unwind and enjoy quality time with hubby. How about attending a comedy show, a gaming arcade or the local lit festival?


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2. Eat smart, eat healthy

Plan your meals ahead of time. If you do plan on going out for dinner, look for healthier alternatives on the menu. If picking off a salad is not your idea of fun, share a portion with your husband. After all, caring is sharing. Right?

3. Cook together

Plan to go grocery shopping together, choose healthy foods that you both like. Experiment with, and cook healthier food with your partner. Make it less of a chore and more of an excuse to spend time together.

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4. Change your eating habits

You can make a few changes here and there, sneak in a few substitutions and your partner will hardly know a thing! Small changes like substituting whole milk with low-fat or skimmed milk can make a big difference in the long run.

5. Create good habits early in your marriage

As with all things, it helps if you can set good habits right at the beginning. Make getting and staying healthy your thing!

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06 May 2016

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